Forex Economic Calendar

Use our real-time economic calendar to explore key global economic events on the horizon that could subtly shift or substantially shake up the financial markets.

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The economic calendar (also called a forex calendar) is designed for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as investment advice. advises readers to seek their own advice before making any investment decisions on financial instruments. Under no circumstances shall be liable for the frequency of provision and accuracy of data linked to the use of the calendar for any financial instrument. Economic Calendar may also be subject to change without any previous notice.

What is the Forex Economic Calendar?

Forex Economic Calendar is a calendar used by traders and investors all around the world to get a better perspective of important news events and economic indicators, data and reports that may shake up the foreign exchange market. Many traders perform news analysis to plan their trades around these market-moving events.

How to use the Forex Economic Calendar

Our Forex Economic Calendar is fully customisable, helping you keep track of the exact data you're interested in. Select specific time zones and currencies of interest and apply filters to refine results and fit your strategy.

Prefer commodities, stocks or indices? Besides the forex markets, our economic calendar showcases relevant financial events to help you trade these markets too. You can also dig deeper into global trends with our latest news and analysis articles. Learn more on how to read the economic calendar.

Still not sure how to use Economic Calendar?

Watch this quick tutorial on how to use the economic calendar to your advantage and learn how to set notifications for any and every important economic event in the Forex market.

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