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TradeAlerter - US Trader Compliant performance?

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  • TradeAlerter - US Trader Compliant performance?


    I am looking to join TradeAlerter. I am a US citizen and using FXCM, which for me means dealing with the NFA FIFO/Hedging restrictions. On the TradeAlerter page it states it is US Trader Compliant through the use of the single trade option... HOWEVER what I'm wondering is what the ramifications to performance metrics would be? Could I expect similar performance and drawdown as what's shown on the page, or could this be way different? Is anyone currently running an account with a US compatible broker and are there any comparisons or performance metrics available for this? I'm using FXCM ActiveTrader with raw spreads and low commissions (about the same as ATC). Just trying to figure out if it's worth my time running this on one of my FXCM accounts or if it's really going to have to be with a separate ATC Broker account (they have a workaround for the restrictions) to get the stated performance. Would really rather run it on FXCM but don't want to be a guinea pig. Planning on using a dedicated $2500 account and need it to at least cover the cost of the monthly subscription, as a bare minimum.

    -Chris P