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    Forex on Five Hours a Week
    How to Make Money on Your Own Time

    by Raghee Horner

    Over the years I have read many books on trading the markets. From stocks, options, futures and forex to trading psychology and macro economics. You can say I am a "career student" when it comes to trading. Of all the books I have read one of my favorites is Forex on Five Hours a Week - How to Make Money on Your Own Time by Raghee Horner.

    Now I am always skeptical when book titles give the perception that trading is easy or that the contents contain "secrets" to making money in trading. So when I picked up Forex on Five Hours a Week I was kind of expecting the typical fluff and BS. Was I ever wrong. Never judge a book by its cover - or title!

    After reading Forex on Five Hours a Week I felt like I met my forex "soul mate". Raghee, like myself loves technical analysis and considers herself to be a "Chartologist". Between her technical skills and through knowledge of macroeconomics and the forces that drive the market, it is no wonder than she is a successful trader, author, speaker and mentor to 100's of aspiring traders.

    Forex on Five Hours a Week is rich with content and very well rounded. It covers what you'd expect and a whole lot more. Not only does Raghee cover your basic indicator and chart setups, including her own Wave and GraB charts, she also touches on subjects like macroeconomics, correlations, market cycles, psychological "touch points", trading psychology and much more. It was actually her section on "pip movement" that inspired me to write the Dynamic ATR indicator which has been a weapon of choice for me for over 2 years now.

    Although Raghee is primarily a "swing trader" where as I am more a day trader, our trading styles, mindset and approach are quite similar which is probably why I like and recommend this book so much. In addition to being and author and speaker, Raghee is also chief currency strategist at IBFX and a frequent contributor to and (a site I also learned about through the book) where she goes by "Queen Cleopiptra"

    What I thought was going to be another get-rich-quick-trading-forex book turned out to be one of my all time favorite books on trading. I give this five out of five turtles!

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