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We need the source code of the Expert Advisor

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  • We need the source code of the Expert Advisor

    Hi, I bought an advisor - investfund-ea-hft ( ) . It is attached to a trading account, it is not possible to trade on several accounts. Maybe someone has the source code.
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    I have a program for copying, 50% of the inputs from arbitration. between mt4 mt4 in the transmission delay, slips.


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      Definitely FX Blue it's great and free


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        fxblue when copying from 300 to 800 ms. this much. there are normal inputs. the more fxblue copies deals on the fact of execution. That is, we completely spend on the transaction from 900 to 1400 ms
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          I bought the version for 2500. I need to connect several accounts. I do not want to pay extra. In the management I do not take and will not give. I lost a lot and I'm afraid of manual trading and different martingales. it brings me shch 3-4% per day but I want to put 5 bills on. Even to test normally does not work with different settings


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            start settings, light version
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              Yes, I tried. there are inputs but not as accurate. I wrote to you above, FxBlue copies the transaction already executed. so imagine the transaction was completed 400 ms, after this FxBlue sends a signal of another 100 ms and execution in another broker 400ms.
              It's been 1 second, you can imagine how big this time is
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                Here is an example of bidding sent to the post office. Very similar to arbitrage trading


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                  If you still need the source code. I am using a decompiler to get source code files. If you don't mind if its too expensive, but its worth. you can decompile as many files as you want with the unlimited version -
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