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1000 to 65000 in 10 Months

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  • Arcanebringer
    I think that modern traders rarely focus on a single asset, because it's a long-term job, which is very profitable overall. But if a trader works on short-term positions and has the opportunity to trade about an hour a day, then he will take on any assets (within his strategy) that have an entry point right now. So I think it would be more relevant to show detailed statistics on several assets so that this can be assessed in reality. You understand that each of us can write beautiful text and huge numbers, but you can't trust someone or something in the market for nothing. You always need certain confirmations so that you can have a clear support for your future actions.

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  • rexscrat
    started a topic 1000 to 65000 in 10 Months

    1000 to 65000 in 10 Months

    This EA is based on HFT Strategy and only works with High Volatile pairs like GOLD and GBPUSD.

    Deposit: 1000 USD
    TimeFrame: 15Min
    Pair: XAUUSD
    Test Time: 10 Months
    Balance: 65000


    Download the EA at source forum