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Best EA with Low drawdown and no martingale

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  • Best EA with Low drawdown and no martingale

    This is one of the best EA with low drawdown and good profits.

    I have tried this EA in demo account so far and making good profits with a very low DD.

    This EA doesn't do martingale or grid so it is safe. I have also backtested this EA with 99.9% tick modelling quality.

    Below are the results.
    Test Period: 1 Year
    Deposit: $1000
    Account: ECN and Standard Account
    Tick Quality: 99.9%
    Balance after Test: $2205
    Drawdown: 15%


    Download the EA in the source forum.

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    Do you have a page showing that same performance?


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      I've heard a lot of negative feedback about Martingale because it's supposedly a dubious strategy that could lead to a total loss of capital. Well, I do not quite agree with that, because I believe that any strategy that you do not fully understand or misallocate capital can cause your failure. It's really important to examine the issue in detail, to test if it suits you, to make the necessary calculations to see when you can apply this approach and when you should choose something else. After all, you can apply several approaches and combine them, the main thing is that you understand them well and can adapt them to your trading style. Nothing else matters.