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    It's been pointed out to me I need to test my strategy and back test it.

    Can people recommend a good building software package, preferably one with a one off fee. I'm using Mt4


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    Originally posted by Adot View Post
    It's been pointed out to me I need to test my strategy and back test it.

    Can people recommend a good building software package, preferably one with a one off fee. I'm using Mt4

    Hi Adot,

    You can try this one it was mentioned on another thread here by another trader called Betatrader


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      Thanks FX Magician, I'll look into it but I was looking for software to help build an EA, take a trade based one my criteria and then back test. the Forextester looks like it will only let me manually insert a trade, while testing is occurring. So might not be right for me.


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        Well, I used my demo account for one year manually! Yeah I know, Back Testing is available here, but I wanted to face live experience into my demo! As a result, right now I easily can handle my emotions and greed into my live account according to my demo trading experience! Obviously, I am using same strategy here that I used in demo!


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          You will generally be unlucky - there is nothing proper, not unless your one off fee is willing to pay for a good car. You may have more luck not relying to much on a prepared tool than to export your data to a database and start building your own analysis tools. Pythin, Mathlab, R are keywords. Then you can build somethin that fits your style based on your assumptions and not rely on software that seems primarily to be based on "How can e look good without actually make the customer think" - and the latter is really problematic. One needs to understand the math behind projections to ge t comfortable with them. One also needs likely (at least I have to) come up with ways to cheat my inner bastard regarding realistic expectations.

          Long come to the conclusion that a better tool includes making the data available and leeting people actually use programs made for analysis to come up with sensible analytics. And that the whole retail tool stack (MT4, NinjaTrader) is pretty much built on a concept of simplicity that really stands in the way of actually being anywhere close to useful.


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            Excellent post DrTom

            MT4 - slow to backtest. That makes mt4 quite useless besides testing logic in a visual format. There are methods to backtest more accuracy using custom importing of tickdata. It is a pain though and not really recommended.

            MT5 - Multi core backtesting with cloud hosting. It's a huge leap forward but still lacks usefulness because of the proprietary coding language. At some point you will outgrow the MT5 brokers and want a more robust environment for your development.

            There are several platforms for backtesting strategies based on the c# language including,

            Rightedge systems
            M4, (modulus),
            Tradelink ( )
            No particular other

            If your strategies fall into the hft category then Windows .net probably not the best option when milliseconds matter.

            The next list is compiled c++ or scripting languages and probably best suitable for high frequency trading such as
            Sierra Chart

            Best luck with your strategy development. If you know of more platforms please post them below.


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              You can test any strategy yourself - and all you need is a demo. You choose a strategy - you practice it on a demo - if you see the result - you use it when working with real money. It is simple.


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                And why can't you just use a regular demo to test your strategy, I think it will be enough for you to start, and if it turns out to be a great solution, then you will work on your account with your money.