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  • Sentiment Trading System

    If anyone is interested in developing my idea please let me know. I have been trading a system similar to this was decent results, however I think making it an algo could point out important market trends and potential be able to produce pips when optimized. Below you will see my outlines for the EA, I have a pretty good idea of what the variable inputs will be. If someone is willing to develop this for me I will give you my strategy in the process. Cheers

    1. Trades will be entered and exit at specific time everyday. These times must be adjustable
    2. adjustable SL is needed
    3. adjustable trailing stop is needed
    4. trades will be put on during the days that the sentiment ratio is above an adjustable level (example 60%)
    5. The length that the sentiment ratio must be above certain ratio to put on trade must be adjustable
    6. daily trade filters (trade only Tuesday to Thursday) but should be adjustable
    7. News filter (don't trade on Non farm payroll or interest rate accouchements)

    Sentiment indicator is FX blue sentiment Indicator

    For final instructions please ask

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    I have tested in this indicator in mt5 trading platform and until now it works very well for me. I think that controlling investor sentiment is a great advantage when it comes to trading in the forex market


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      If you havent found anyone i will take a look at it to make it the only thing i don't know how to do yet is point 7 the news filter. You indicator is only available form fx blue so that is not realy good
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        Would you share this EA? I want to try a kind of sentiment trading EA too.


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          I made an EA in order to test my theory, but the realities are if you are trading with live funds you really need to be trading it manually to have a consistent positive profit factor


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            Please share the FX blue sentiment Indicator...i want to try this trading strategy.