I am starting a new thread because my last one got deleted. I have compiled my first EA's to take the psychology out of my trading. This is my first attempt and I have compiled two separate EA's to run under the one account. I have added it to a demo account at 1x risk and one to my real account at 0.5x risk which has been following forexsignal.com providers for sometime now.

I have stopped following steady capture and though I would post my results. This is an experiment and hopefully all will go well.

The first EA works on reversals. I have 13 pairs associated with the EA which has yielded good backtesting results.

The second is a breakout strategy that I have running on the DAX, DOW and China 50.

Please see my fxbook link below. I have not intervening on any trade and hopefully you will get a good indication on results. For some reason demos accounts update randomly for me on myfxbook Approximately hourly. My real account updates every 5 or so minutes.