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My personal system (cca. 10% monthly)

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  • My personal system (cca. 10% monthly)

    Hi All,

    I wanted to share my own system with the public.
    I trade only GBPCAD pair during Asian session.
    The goal is 10% monthly although June was much better with almost 27%.
    I use this strategy for near 2 years but I started 2 accounts as a signal provider in February.
    If anyone is interested you can check it on my website. Myfxbook stats, local subscription, and Signalstart/Simpletrader subscriptions is accessible from there.

    If anyone has any questions just let me know!

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    Just a quick update for July: the Moderate signal was able to gain 12.30% and the Conservative 4.71%. So far the Moderate has gained 141.66% and the Conservative 38.40% in 6 months.

    The trades can be copied on Simpletrader, SignalStart or at my website where the price includes the VPS.

    Feel free to check the Myfxbook page for detailed statistic on my website at


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      Another month has passed on my trading account. Although August is practically dead it produced the second most profitable month throughout the history of my signal. But the best thing is that the drawdown was almost nonexistent on the whole month.

      The dry numbers are:
      Monthly gain: 14.79%
      Trades: 23
      Win: 86%
      Drawdown: 2.4%

      I had several requests that some of you guys would like to try with a demo before going with real money so I decided to let a free trial for IC Markets ECN demo accounts for a whole month.

      If anyone is interested the details are on the website at


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        Hi Peter for the low drawdown account what is the max drawdown that is to be expected and what will you do if this is reached.
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          Originally posted by fabx View Post
          Hi Peter for the low drawdown account what is the max drawdown that is to be expected and what will you do if this is reached.
          Hello Fabx,

          I know it is a bit different approach as used to be by the signal providers but we do not state max drawdown. If I should give you a percentage I would say 50% is the level which is to be avoided.

          Throughout the 2 years history on a personal account, the max DD was 40% and a few times it reached 25-30% but usually it is below 5%. I know that followers feel calm if there is a maximum drawdown stated, but during the years we gathered experience we also see that almost all providers break their own rules when they get to the point.

          We have 2 programs. I was talking about the ICM Moderate which is the riskier one. ICM Conservative is the same strategy but with 3 times lower risk.
          I always encourage everyone to regularly withdraw their excess money. This is the only way to be on the safe side when we are talking about invested money in the world of Forex.

          If you prefer to look for a provider who tells you his/her max drawdown I totally understand. I just wanted to be honest with your question regardless of your decision.