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  • PA Trend Reversal Indicator

    Hello guys!
    I made this indicator for me.
    I trade binary options and sometimes do some scalping.
    The indicator works very well on Binary Options, but I have seen that there are good signals on forex too if you use bigger timeframe and more accurate signals settings.
    I will post here how do I trade on Binary Options. This is only an alert, don't take all the signals that this indicator gives. If your conditions are met than you take the trade.
    I usually take the trades when the candle is big with no wicks and the price has never been hit in that day.
    V2 has been released. Added Volume Filter, if you avoid news and speeches you will get a rate of 80% winrate!
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    Proof on real account!
    Those two OTM are because I entered sooner, and my entry was bad.
    Enter the trade at the end of the current candle.
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    this is standard stupidity question asked all over internet.

    if you are profitable why not trade your own money?
    if you have great EA why not trade your own money?
    if you are Einstein why asking for noble price?

    Well actually not every one have same situation, some times people do have skills and talent but not the required funds to carry out the project or trade their own account.

    some times people do have brilliant ideas but not enough funds to execute it.


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      Concept of start up and concept of stock market was created for the same reasons.

      those who have ideas can bring their projects and those who have money invest in them.if you like the idea invest or just let it go.


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        Originally posted by RenkoGuy

        There is no Holy Grail indicator or EA, it can work some of the time but manual trading will always be King.
        can you show me any manual trader who is consistent and winning for long term? its a honest question.


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          Originally posted by RenkoGuy

          Andrew Lockwood
          Link to his account pls.


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            he must be having an account and a link to it?