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Unfair Methods of FOREX Trading Disclosed

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  • Unfair Methods of FOREX Trading Disclosed

    I just found and read an interesting book about Forex trading titled: "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading". This book covers manual, automated and predictive trading. In manual chapter the book claims:

    How hunt 90% probable signals and place top hand-picked high performance trades
    The following picture is an example of a manual trading setup from the book:

    In the next part the book introduces a piece of free software and explains the strategies that you can use to make profit using this software. The book claims:

    How fully automate your trading using a free, smart, advanced piece of software and start making money on autopilot
    A profit curve of a sample automated strategy from this book is like this:

    The third part of the book explains a mathematical method that you can predict next day Forex (or any financial asset) prices using it. The book offers:

    How predict (yes you read correctly) daily prices (with 80% accuracy) using a scientific method and trade according to this prediction
    An example of a prediction by the method introduced in the book is like this:

    At first I was a little skeptical about the claims of the book but after reading I found them rock solid true. You can learn more about this book searching its name "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading" on Google.
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    i believe there is no difference in methods we use to get profit the main reason is result you get. I would like to have information about such methods.


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      I know for sure that each of us has our own vision of trading and therefore, I believe that everyone should individually choose what suits him and refuse from what he does not like. New information is always great and it always helps you to become better, but I am a supporter of the fact that everyone has to choose the information for themselves and not to count on someone else to do it.


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        It seems to me that I think that every strategy can be working, the main thing is that you understand it and can adapt it for yourself so that you can use all the opportunities of it in the market. Yes, it's not easy, but that's why we learn every day and try to keep our positions. And yes the search is also done every day, absolutely every day!


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          Oh, well, you can turn this discussion around, it's not gonna look good. In fact, it was rightly said here - how many traders, so many strategies and what is good for me and my money may not suit my colleague at all, even if we have approximately the same idea of the market. A lot depends on the type of personality, amount of time, approach, etc... So I wouldn't declare it so categorically...!


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            You can really find a lot of information about the market and the principles of its analysis in the Internet, I think that most of this information is really useful, the main thing here is to find something that suits you, because it will provide your confidence in the market in the future.


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              I can say that this is one of those books that should be read before you start working in the market, because it reveals the main regularities of the market and technical analysis. And this is the basis of high efficiency!


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                Oh, well, that's all relative. Because each of us needs absolutely different tools and conditions, which is why there are no universal strategies to find something of their own, everything must be tested. And never stop searching, because it depends on it what happens next.