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  • Managed service on regulated instruments

    I can deliver 1% profit on a weekly bases using only regulated instruments (futures, stocks, derivates, no forex)

    I place only 1 order on monday and it closes at 1% profit before the end on the week 95% of the time.
    4% of the time the trade can lasts up to 3 weeks and only
    1% of trades can last more than 3 weeks before hitting 1% profit.
    Max drawdown since 2012 is 30%.

    Money management
    Trades are opened with initial leverage between 1 and 5.
    1 contract every 10k$

    Every brokers that allow trading on US futures, stocks and options (Interactive brokers is my first but not only choice).

    Performance fee from 15 to 30% based on balance. No Management fee, no volume fee, only performance fee.

    I would be pleased to arrange an agreement with forex signals for this new service.

    I've got more than 10 years' experience in regulated markets and I can easily say that they are more predictable than forex markets. Forex in my opinion is the hardest market
    I can deliver audited track record only to the admin of this website. No to the public.
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    You should add it to just to verify things. Some people would be interested in it including fundseeder itself.


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      That is a nice service, but I don't trust any website except for regulated entity. My track record is audited by a regulated company (it cost thousand of buks but it's the only way to be trusted).


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        They are regulated. You might want to read more into it.


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          Originally posted by failuresfx View Post
          They are regulated. You might want to read more into it.
          They are not regulated and I really don't like this:

          "Once you have selected IB on the FundSeeder platform, you will receive an email from As an Interactive Broker client, we require you provide FundSeeder with administration rights (not trading rights!) so that we can grab daily data from IB and more quickly sync your account to our platform. The required steps are easy to follow and available via this link.

          I'm currently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers...

          I've followed Nick for many years and I think he is a genuine person, but I really don't like the way that his business is going. All managed account failed and I would be pleased to help him to rebuilt a new srtong service.
          I'm not interested in anything else.
          I don't need new customers. If it's possible to work as new manager for Nick and for this great community is great, otherways, no problem.
          I already tried to post some educational content here but peaple is not interested in it. Machine learning and artificial intelligence...
          Ok, no problem. If nobody want to start a serious managed account, no problem, I'll go back from where I came out
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            Happy new year to everyone on this great Forum!!

            I'm posting a 3rd party verified return of my managed service.
            It started the last week of september. It works Long on S&P500 mainly.
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              January 2019 Update.
              Average 3.59% since September. Only on regulated instrument (no forex).


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                February Update


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                  We closed March at +0.01%, the worst result since start.
                  I raised the account to give more confidence to future investors.
                  At the moment the balance is 852.000 euro.
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                    April update: +3.47%
                    From Start: +26.34%
                    Average monthly: 2.98%

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                      It seems to me that your system has potential, but in order for you to attract people, you need more information to demonstrate your statistics and explain qualitatively what you are doing and why you are acting in any way.