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    Hello Traders,

    After several years of trading, testing and optimization we are now officially launching our Polaris Trading Strategy to the world. To celebrate this event we have simultaneously launched our brand new website ( ) this will be able to provide much information about our trading, the ways to invest with us and how this process works. We hope that we can partner with and become the platforms next professional trading but since we do cost average positions to an extent this may not be possible. As you can see in our track record image attached as well as on the website we trade with defined limited risk and seek to slowly but consistently gain with our trading. If you would like to provide feedback for our trading, webpage or application of our services feel free to comment so we can have a conversation. If you would like to contact us privately I have attached our details at the bottom of this post.

    Best, Martin Northern Strategies Team

    Skype: pvm_kingston

    We will get back to you within 24 hours time rain or shine
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