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If you are interested in learning about Supply and Demand trading.

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  • If you are interested in learning about Supply and Demand trading.

    Hi guys!

    first of all, I am affiliated with this site and i dont see many reasons to lie about this by saying how I just stumbled upon this on the internet.

    Me and few other traders wanted to create platform for people who are actually devoted to learn how to trade and not just simply follow some "signal service".

    This is not any BS type of education where we are going to show you stock photos of cars and tell you that you can trade from your phone and dont need anything else to succeed.

    Our trading strategy is actually evolved around spotting places on the charts where smart money put their orders and make retail traders suffer by using their stop-losses for their profits. Because of this, we are not using any indicators, any nonsense patterns. What we teach is actually pretty hard concept to learn at it takes lot of time and practice to master it.

    In our site you can find "free blog" section where you will learn more about strategy we are using and how markets actually work.

    We also have premium education section where we go in-depth with strategy we are using and also provide people with daily market reviews, livestreams etc. Of course it is totally up to you if you decide to use this, we tried to price it so anyone who wants to take trading seriously should be able to afford it.

    Our method of trading is applicable on any type of market, but if you would be interested to join our monthly subscription plan it is good to know that we specialise mostly on forex, gold, oil and indices. Cryptocurrency and stock market reviews are done once per week and we are doing it mostly on trading pairs our members are interested in.

    Like I said, this is not signal service, our main goal is to create platform filled with traders so we can share ideas and trade together.

    if you are interested in this, here are the channels you can see.

    Website, place where you should start -

    Facebook, our main communication channel -

    Youtube, examples market review videos -

    Also if you have any question feel free to email me at

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    I looked through these channels and have to say that there is really a lot of useful information, but I recommend always using several sources.