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  • Opening a Managed Account


    I am going to allow a copy service for my trading account if enough interest. You can follow the performance at the Trade Explorer here:

    Bookmark this, and examine as often as you want-- it won't be going anywhere. If you decide, let me know of your intention to receive copies.

    Thanks, and happy trading.


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    Here are two more performance links:

    These two pics show a simplified red or green dot with alerts indicator for this system and how the ea for this service works:

    Always trading and always winning. Also click below for FXBlue trade mirror instructions on my website.

    The markets might be flat for the holidays so watch the results pages and consider signing up for the copier service sometime after the new year.

    Happy Trading,



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      Performance update--


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        It's nice to see a confident statistics, which is created as a result of a well-thought-out system of actions of someone who is really interested in trading, and it's good that you share it with others, you can immediately see that others may follow your example and it will be a quality motivation for them. You are good, I think you have a great future ahead of you.


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          But I wonder what your interest is in this? Are you going to make money this way?


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            And what is the situation today, taking into account what economic events are now taking place all over the world? The situation clearly does not fully fit into the usual framework, so the system could have failed. So I hope you're doing all right!