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    Signal link :

    Last edited by Bob2018; 12-31-2018, 03:48 PM.

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    looks like your manual system has blown.

    your pip machine will as well once there is a good trend.
    Smart traders never hold positions over the weekend.

    Below my new home, all accounts fully verified.


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      do you understand that my manual system is risky for my personal trading only to reach 100k target. but I do offer it for those who wants to try it and want to join.

      my auto system works on different ways.

      but again there is no compulsion on any one. I am marketing my product those who find it suitable can follow or try some thing else.

      I will continue trading my manual and automated system and I am happy to do so.

      Good day.


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        also I find it amusing that no one came out to call it great with manaul system was 500% up.

        lol any ways most people feels happy to see other fail. but I am from those who dont give up. so keep watching how I climb back.


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          Originally posted by Bob2018 View Post
          also I find it amusing that no one came out to call it great with manaul system was 500% up.
          This is because it's not so difficult to reach 500% if your money management is setted on "all or nothing".
          In my experience the max monthly return achievable in long term is 3/4%.
          So I cannot trust in a system that show many times more. I'm quit sure that it will fail sooner or later. This is what experience says to us, just look at myfxbook statements or hedge fund histories


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            true...this is why this thread is not about my manual trading system. manual system is my personal system to make 100k asap.

            I take trades as I feel right. automated system has just 4% DD so far.