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  • Tired of losing money?

    If you are tired of losing money and looking for consistency for long term you can try my signals available from following link

    2019-03-02_12-26_KISS OF PROFITS Signals.jpg

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    Originally posted by RenkoGuy

    Your followers on ZuluTrade are in the Red are they tired yet ?

    zulu is not accepting all my stats on zulu is not the same as it should be, there is a limitation of trades on ZULU.

    my actual pip is 60k on zulu but it just takes few trades so its just 22k on stats

    also my zulu account is different from the account on signalstart.


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      You know, nobody wants to lose anything, but let's be honest, everything happens and if you understand the market well, you will succeed, although sometimes a good signal, at least for a reference point can be a great help.


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        You understand that the loss of money is inevitable in any business, it's normal, you always have to think things through a couple of steps forward, so you must have an alternative that can insure you in a crisis situation, but you must create it for yourself.


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          Well, what can I say? At Forex losses were, are and will be, and even the best signals have only a certain positive percentage. And still, it would promote the fact that traders have to master the market on their own. Although, sometimes a good signal is exactly what can help you get out of the drawdown.


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            For me personally, the signals are not a bad reference point and it is not so difficult to check them. I know many traders who use them too, although they never admit it openly, so the main thing is that they are tested and their clients will always be found...


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              Signals, of course, are good, the main thing is that they are diverse - so that currency pairs, metals and currency cryptos, I would probably pay attention to such a diverse service. It is promising and can bring interest and profit.


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                I don't know, I don't think signals are the best option. How does it help you understand the market? How does it help you find your strategy that will bring you money? I don't understand it at all. We need to take trading and its rules more seriously somehow...