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  • Still looking for funds

    any one interested to fund me?

    here is my trading

    I am looking for 100k to run my strategy, we can also have 50/50 partnership on subscribers who subscribe to our signals.

    2019-05-10_12-06_KISS OF PROFITS Signals.jpg2019-05-10_12-05_KISS OF PROFITS Signals.jpg

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    Why this amount? You can do demo testing, is there any big difference? It takes a certain amount of confidence to invest that kind of money, and it doesn't exist in this presentation.


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      I think that in order for someone to invest you, you need a specific business plan that you can demonstrate to your potential partners, especially since this is not a small amount, you need to be well prepared.


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        And why can't you invest yourself, because for this you can use a loan or sell something, the fact is that because these systems are created all the time and as practice shows, they are not profitable and fully thought out, and therefore few people will want to invest in it...


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          I think you've decided to swing a big sum because in order to potentially get that much investment, you need to have a concrete and well-thought-out business plan that allows you to argue for that investment.


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            As for me you need to look for investors not in this forum, because ordinary traders, who work on their own capital, mostly communicate here. And probably each of us would like to manage such a large sum - it would be much easier for each of us to earn with such capital.