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  • ZERO RISK Managed Account

    Dear ForexSignals
    In August we will launch ZERO risk managed account. Any losses incurred will be re-imbursed by us back you.

    Means you have all the performance upside benefit and absolutely risk free from loss.

    Performance fee is set higher at 35%,(typically 25%) but an attractive proposition nonetheless.

    Liquidity is through VantageFX and minimum 1000 start.

    We are prehaps the first ever to offer such a product, such is the confidence in our trading.

    Key Info:
    - Investment Size 1000 (or any of 7 base currencies)
    - Client must commit to 3 months of management for risk free account
    - Any loss will be compensated back to client after 3 months via wire/paypal/broker account

    - Currently averaging >25% monthly gains:

    About the Trading System:
    ManFXSuperSpecV2 culminates a trading system using GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs during Euro and US session only. Earliest Trade commences at 7am UK time and all trades are closed off at 9pm UK. In this regard we are not holding during thin liquidity or rollover periods.

    System is a trend follower working on mostly 15min Timeframe but can occasionally open signal outside of the 15min bar. SL and TP on EURUSD is typically 15 pips. SL and TP on GBPUSD is typically 20pips. However SL can marginally exceed 20 pips if there is a evident layer of support close by.

    System always closes before red news on GBP currency and USD 830 am news. Typically system will hold over 10am USD news as normally trades are closed off by this time and 10am news not as significant market mover. Also, system will not open new trade just prior to forthcoming news. Extreme caution used during central bank days.

    System using 2 layers of risk depending on signal strength and will normally trade 1-4 times a day, depending on volatility and momentum movement. System does not average, grid or martingale.

    Our profile on myfxbook can be found at:

    As you can see from our myfxbook, we run our other larger accounts on less risk.(100k/5k/25k accounts on our myfxbook profile all running the SuperSpecV2)

    This account designed to stay within DD of 25%, a tolerable level for many investors.

    Account opening.
    Minimum investment is Euro 1,000 (or whichever base currency your prefer from �,GBP,Au$,NZD, SGD,JPY, CAD) and please use this link to open account in 5 minutes:

    (Please open live account - MT4- RAW ECN account)

    When you have your account setup, you will need to fund the MT4 Account.

    Performance Fee:Is 35% of profit on your account.

    Investment Guarantee: If you balance is lower than your investment start balance after 3 months, we will add funds to top up the loss.

    You can leave management at any time without notice, but 3 months service required to fulfill risk free guarantee.

    Money is withdrawable at any time and there are no lock up periods.

    1. Open Live with link above. (RAW ECN, MT4), or here:
    2. Fund Live with Euro 1000 (or same amount in your BASE account currency)
    3. Email me to notify the account is ready to trade.

    Please contact me with any questions you have.
    We have also option for Axitrader, for those that prefer.

    Kind Regards,
    Ian Wallace

    Skype: managedforexltd_support
    Office (UK): +442895817456

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    Hi guys.
    End August is drawing closer.
    please see our website for performance and risk free offer.

    Ian Wallace.


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      Originally posted by managedforexltd View Post
      Hi guys.
      End August is drawing closer.
      please see our website for performance and risk free offer.

      Ian Wallace.
      Awesome. That sounds interesting. Tell me how it goes.
      I saw that "Maxim" system on your site. Seems like a good one too. Is that one still actively accepting investors?


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        Sorry we dont have maxim system.
        which system are you referring to?
        Yes we are still taking investors for time being..