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  • Broker account management is offered

    Hi! My name is Maria, I have been working for approximately 9 months with professional trader Miranda Ofarre, who is currently offering account management services on any recognized broker, from Avatrade to many others, manages any amount of capital. She is a broad professional with years in the world of the stock market, if you are interested in more information and want to obtain their services you can send me an email to

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    I think that people should invest more money in their education in order to start understanding trade personally and to control their capital. I do not think that transferring capital to another trader, especially to a direct representative of a broker is a good idea. And if somebody makes such a decision, please gather all available information, so that you do not regret losing your money later.


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      And what about training? I think it would be more productive for a person to feel confident in the market, I can't imagine that I don't know what's going on with my money or that I see a crisis situation and can't influence it.


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        Oh, well, it's kind of too risky - to transfer your capital is not clear where and not clear to whom, it seems to me that to be trusted you need to immediately provide open statistics and data of your real clients, which can confirm your performance - otherwise your advertising will just flip through, who needs difficulties?