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  • MQL5 development - EAs / Indicators / Scripts

    Custom coding almost free.

    $20 monthly, gives you access to all my trading tools and further projects.

    If you want something coded that you are comfortable sharing with the public, then reach out to me on telegram , twitter, or Instagram.

    Current projects can be found on Telegram at

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    Trend Volume v10 with alerts on histogram change. The ultimate trend following indicator.

    Fitness_v12 ADR test and YDAY High/Low Test alerts enabled

    Trader's Dynamic Index with Breakout and crossover alerts. Push Notifications, Sound Alerts, and the standard Alert Pop Up Box are all available. You can also select if you want the alert at the Crossover or the Breakout ( RSI extends outside the Bands is the break out signals, and then the cross over alert is when the RSI comes back into the bands. )

    Daily Bar Analyzer looks for Two patterns, Engulfing candles (breakout), and inside bar (ranging) patterns on the daily time frame. You can use "SelectMarket" to enter a symbol (such as: EURGBP,BTCUSD,US30) otherwise the indicator will scan the current chart symbol. The value next to the bar pattern is the % change of current bar and % change of the last daily bar.

    Median Channel: to identify momentum ( should you be in a Buy or Sell). Identify key reversal points ( When price breaks through the Median Line). Identify support and resistance (Channel is the shaded box above and below the median price.)

    Value_In_Chaos 1.20 , some bugs fixed. Code optimized. OrderBlocks

    CryptoBridge: MT5 to Bybit, Bitmex, Binance, and more. Trade manually, or with robots and send the trades directly to the crypto exchanges.


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      TradingView Lines - attach to chart - Box will appear - Double click the lines to readjust TP SL and Entry (dash line) - Calculates Lotsize based on RiskPerTrade, Stoploss, And balance size. tradingviewlines.jpeg


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        MT5 to bybit, Bitmex, Binance aka CryptoBridge is live.

        Current projects can be found on Telegram at