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20% profit ea's per month

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  • 20% profit ea's per month

    If you are looking for a forex robot that is always profitable, this is the solution. It will keep you from losing. We have long sought EA with large results. But on the way it will definitely die, and I think instead of big profits, better profits are not too big, but stable and run safely. I found Forexfastron, please visit

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    1. There is no guarantee in profits for any system.
    2. They don't use myfxbook which indicates something shady about their system.
    3. They use a Cent account , which means they have $10 USD on the line. What kind of Legendary trader would only risk $10 on their system with "STABLE PROFITS EVERY MONTH". You can look at the FXblue statement and see the (USD100) = Cent account.
    4. Anytime I see the "Are you also competing as a vendor" line, I know its a scam because you are simply trying to put the spotlight on me and not the required due diligence on the actual vendor we are discussing.
    5. Its a martingale Grid system, 0.01,0.02,0.03,0.04,0.05,0.06 = BOOM, BUST, MARGINCALL.

    Wake up noobs.


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      On what basis are these statistics formed, because it is a strong enough statement that must be confirmed for people to actually invest in this money, am I wrong?


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        20% per month is certainly not bad, the main thing is that it is not only beautiful words, but also reality, because if you really guarantee such performance, you are just market geniuses ...!


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          The same robot will work differently for different people, because they will set different parameters. Someone chooses the parameters better, someone worse.
          Don't forget that the same parameters will behave differently in different types of market. The settings that worked today may not work tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow they'll work again. When I say "not working", I mean that the robot loses money. Or it may happen that some of the settings will lose relevance at all. Oh, the settings, the strategy itself may lose relevance.
          So the robot has to be on and off in time. Of course, no one can predict when the robot will start losing money. The main thing is to keep your hand on the pulse. You can buy a robot with ready-made parameters and immediately launch it into battle. If you're lucky, this robot will make some money for a while. Let's not forget that the market is alive and unpredictable. It changes not every day, but every hour, every second. So what worked yesterday may not work today. Don't be in a hurry to accuse the seller of the robot that the robot doesn't work, maybe just changed the situation and need to reconfigure the parameters.
          Even if the trader understands what we have just talked about, that the parameters should be adjusted and controlled, he doesn't always know how and what parameters. This is a big question. To do it yourself, you need to understand how the strategy and the algorithm work. Then it is clear what to twist. To buy a robot without understanding the algorithm is a mad waste of money. If you buy a robot, then try to buy it together with the algorithm and/or with an explanation of how the algorithm works.


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            I have been using moving average and RSI indicator on FreshForex broker so long time and really made a huge profit by using these indicators as their direction is absolutely solid and very easy to understand so if you can use this undoubtedly.


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              these guys have loads