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  • Asset Management - Blockchain transparency


    Leverage the expertise of seasoned traders while keeping control of your capital. Just choose a trader and GenesisVision backend will automatically copy the trades from your account. You will be able to withdraw your investment or exit trades at any point in time. This options gives you maximum control over your investments and can be categorized as Trade Copy - Signal Service - Copy Trading - Automated Trade Copier.

    Select investment programs that suit your personal risk profile and let the manager do the work for you. You will be able to withdraw your investment or profits only at predefined intervals set by the program’s manager. This is similar to PAMM /MAM asset management, where you allocate risk capital to a fund manager and share the profits on a cycle basis.

    Diversify your capital across hundreds of cryptocurrencies in one click. Select a fund with a composition that matches your opinion on the market and let the manager readjust while the market evolves. You can withdraw your capital at any time you retain full control of your investment. Your funds ( tokens, crypto coins) are held at the exchange including Binance and Huobi.

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    GenesisMarkets ( b2Broker whitelabel, LMAX Digital, Binance, and Huobi all packed into one MT5 server)
    Just2trade Institutional branch Angelite
    Roboforex ECN


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      Just2Trade will be discontinued/removed at the end of this month ( February 2020). However any track record will stay intact within IPFS and the managers can migrate to GenesisMarkets, RoboForex or Exante for Forex trading.


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        PAMM Program

        Low Risk Programs
        These programs all have Equity Protection , and the stopout must be 10% or smaller

        Medium Risk Programs
        These programs all have Equity Protection , and the stopout must be 30% or smaller

        High Risk Programs
        These programs most likely do not have Equity Protection. Invest wisely


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          List of Most profitable PAMM Programs


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            Platforms For Managers

            Metatrader4, MetaTrader5, Quantower with Exante


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              Huobi API and native platform available


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                Credit Cards are now implemented along with BTC USDt and ETH deposits.
                Start investing with no minimum investment
                No KYC for investments smaller than $500


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                  Programs: Entry Fee Replacement

                  We have had a lot of feedback from investors, many with an opinion that the current Entry Fee system is not fair. We always consider our clients’ feedback, and that is why we have decided to remodel it to a new Management Fee system.

                  What is the difference?

                  Entry Fee is a one-time fee, charged the moment you invest.

                  Management Fee is charged for the actual asset management period. Management fee is defined in annual percentage and is charged at the end of each reporting period.


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                    Programs: Auto Joining After Stop Out

                    The Stop Out functionality is aimed at protecting investors by limiting the maximum possible loss. If the program drawdown goes below the Stop Out level — the current period is forcibly closed, and all investments are returned to investors. At the moment, investors don’t have a choice and it’s not always convenient. We’re adding an option for investors to stay in the program, even if the current period was closed by Stop Out.


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                      Well, what else you have, I would like to understand more specifically what you offer and on what terms. I would recommend you to make a detailed description to make it really attractive and interesting, because the client always wants to know what is really waiting for him.


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                        This company is now looking to sell 10% stake for 1 Million USd. Private Equity Offering. Evaluation of 10 Million. The company made roughly $3000 in Q1 2020 revenue on the GenesisVision platform side. GenesisMarkets revenue is unknown


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                          2020 : Q1 Burn = 951 GVT
                          GVT at cost of $0.75 each = $713.25 ( 30% of Revenue)
                          other 70% = $1663 (revenue).
                          Total = $2376 Q1 Revenue