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  • DaxBOT PRO

    DAXBOT PRO - Straightforward, accurate & Profitable DAX30 trading.


    Telegram Group - LIVE Free Signals from DaxBOT PRO in real time: Public / Private (contact us to add to private group if you make full outright purchase, not for system renters)

    Monitor Trading Account: VantageFX

    LIVE Monitor account (€15,000 from June 3rd start): VTMarkets


    8 YEAR Backtest here using fixed 10.0 Lot throughout (€10 a point) (3 Backtests as it runs on 3 times during day - They are too large to load to myfxbook): Backtests

    Dukascopy data only goes back to 2013 on 1 min DAX data, or we would go back 15-20 years easily pass. Over >440 DAX points a month trading profit on average last 8 years, over >650 points month last 3 years.

    Backtest trades matches identically with forward testing since 19th May Start which implies a high level of system confidence moving forward.

    PDF (Full Merge report of 3 above tests): Merged Report DaxBOT PRO

    Best with broker with DAX spread <1.0 point. (

    Dear Trader,

    DaxBot PRO is a Metatrader 4 expert advisor designed especially for the DAX30 index. It is not intended to be used on other FX pairs, but with good trading knowledge and familiarity with MT4 , user can adapt it to FX pairs also. DAX30 is Europes' most heavily traded index, it's volatile and fast moving - perfect for day trading.

    DaxBot PRO does not use any martingale tactics or grid trading of any sort. Every trade comes with stop loss and take profit and is closed by 8pm GMT. Trading then restarts over again next morning. Trades never held into asia or over weekend.

    Key Trading Logic:
    DAXBOT PRO has hard trading rules. DaxBOT PRO has a high historical win rate of 79% & a profit factor of >2. DaxBot uses a 3 chart setup. (C1/C2&C3 in backtests) C1 is most profitable, followed by C2 and C3. User can run 1, 2 or 3 charts, its upto end user.
    The cornerstone of the strategy is based on price congestion levels and support/resistance with emphasis on breakout. In most major indices much of the action is witnessed in the early hours of opening, we call this the "golden hour". Our system will open the earliest trade at 8am CET at pre-market open. The DAX30 is a rapid market and the system seeks to exploit the early moves of the session.
    DaxBOT PRO will place a maximum of three (3) orders during the day and if not triggered, they are removed at 5pm CET. This is to take advantage of 3 critical times in DAX during the trading day with high action:
    1. The DAX Pre-Market Open
    2. Dax Early Session
    3. Dow Open (When Dax will synchronise with US markets)
    Using take profit of 100 pips (points in DAX) and a hard stop loss maximum (often much lower) of 100 points, trader can easily set their risk metrics as each trade has a finite loss. DaxBot PRO uses a trailing stop function that activates at +15 points to lock in profit and trail the trade to exhaustion of the move.
    DaxBot PRO:
    1. Trades the DAX three times a dax Maximum with profit demonstrated in any condition of market.
    2. Uses no martingale nor any grid or "recovery" methods. Every trade has a stop loss and Take profit.
    3. No loss years in backtest
    4. Only 5 loss months from 100 months of trading.
    5. Runs on any broker with good DAX30 spread (<1.0)
    6. Backtested with over 4000 trades.
    7. 5 minute set & Install
    8. No complex indicators required
    9. Private Telegram group for additional help for buyers only (not renters)
    10. Needs a minimum account balance of just $100 USD or equivalent. (using 0.1 lot = €0.10 per point)
    11. Had the following yearly average gains/drawdowns in the 8 year tests:

    Lot Size (1.0 = €1 Point)
    Monthly Avg. Gain
    Yearly Ave Gain
    Maximum Drawdown
    Required Account Size

    When backtesting use default sets for Chart 1. BoxStartHour=0400, Box End hour=0900 (0100 GMT - 0600 GMT)
    For Chart 2 BoxStartHour=0800, Box End hour=1200 (0500 GMT - 0900 GMT)
    for Chart 3 BoxStartHour=1200, Box End hour=1600 (0900 GMT - 1300 GMT)
    All other parameters remain same.
    This is assuming standard universal broker clock of GMT+3 (all asic brokers use this & many brokers globally). Times must be changed to suit broker clock.
    Use 15min, 30 min or 1 hour timeframe, results will be same as works on hourly basis.
    Any questions, please PM.