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  • Established signal provider since 2016

    Hello and good morning to all our subscribers and followers,

    we are happy to present our trading performance for March, this was a very tough month for all trader since there was Brixit and US interest rate news, but we are glad we managed it well and also made very good profit, we are also happy to introduce our newest system "rain of pip" which will start trading from Monday onward, so sit tight and see our system making money for all of us, have a great and joyous week end. our systems can be followed from link posted in comment to this post, start following and start making money.
    Best Regards

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    Check our performance from these links :
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      Hello Dear friends,

      We are really excited for our newest system "Rain of pip", We request you to track it for few weeks, we are so positive that you will love to see its progress and you will also love the system in action in real time.

      trading will commence on it on Monday (3.04.2017).

      for any assistance feel free to contact us on email or skype.



      system can be followed from following link :


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        right... where can I subcribe to get this money machine beast ?

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          From these links :

          Best Regards
          TEAM TRADEFX


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            RAIN OF PIP

            Heavy scalping system, great profits expected with this system.

            Minimum 10k account required and follow with just 0.01 lot size.

            max 200 trades at a time expected. completely automated system. this system is expected to have 6000 pips per month (minimum) maximum can be 10000 pips.

            Risk is always expected with great profits, follow only after considering and tracking it for a while.


            Thank you

            Best Regards
            TEAM TRADEFX


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              Brace your self comrades for new and exciting week ahead.

              Best Regards.

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                Is this you ?


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                  Expensive signals for suicide trading.


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                    plasma yes.

                    @red rhino.

                    Thank you for your kind words. Results are open those who want to subscribe can subacribe. We are just here to offer not to convince any one here. We are doing great by the grace of God and we are happy.

                    Just to keep things clean and clear we won't reply to any thing more but will just post our results on weekly basis.

                    There is lots of hate in this world and we don't want to waste time on it. We just believe in growth.

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                      Please respect each other.

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                        There are thousands of signal provider. If you think this is suicidal kindly follow some one else. Please respect the forum creator and do not derail.

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                          Originally posted by Nickvujicic View Post
                          Brace your self comrades for new and exciting week ahead.

                          Best Regards.

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                          This is an example of everything that's wrong with the signal industry.
                          1. You're trading a $790 account that is incorrectly presenting as $79,000.
                          2. You don't close losing trades and ignore equity drawdown, instead focusing on balance (which means nothing).
                          3. You're making thousands of dollars from client subscription fees and almost nothing from your trading.
                          4. You're totally anonymous. You claim to be from New York, however your IP address is originating from India.
                          I can tell you now how this will end.
                          • You'll have made tens of thousands of dollars in subscription fees.
                          • Your clients will lose millions of dollars between them.

                          If there was a way for me to short your signal I'd do it in a heartbeat. No doubt B-book brokers are licking their lips right now as more stupid money piles in behind this.

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                            Hello Nick,

                            This is TRADEFX owner, and my representative is indeed from India as I have mentioned on my profile, I dont really visit forums, he does marketing on my behalf.

                            any ways I am not interested to prove any thing or to engage in some fights, but since you seems bitter let us find out what you are doing from last many years. I hope you will take it as a good critic and try to refrain from further attacks, we know this is your forum but I hope you will take these points with good heart.

                            1) you are doing this business from last many years and we all know well that none of you trader is actually making money, but you have made thousands of dollars from subscription.
                            2) you have brought many stupid traders including goodboy+goldstar and many such idiots who blew hundreds of dollars, you did not even cared to apologize or to refund those money to innocent investors.
                            3) you are faking all your results, we all know you have been adding funds to your million dollar account on regular basis and claiming it as a profit which is actually not true.
                            4) you have started this new contest but actually making lots of money from spread which you get from IC market.
                            5) your current trader steadycapture is making peanuts, in March he just made 450 USD, which is nothing compare to the balance he is having. ( kind of no trading at all)

                            let me know if you would like to hear more from my end.
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                              We may be wrong and we may not be good, but atleast give us credit for being transparent and consistent.

                              Good Day

                              I wont be visiting this forum, but my rep will post weekly growth.

                              Thank you for letting us post on your forum.