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  • Timothy Sykes Scam

    I've come across Timothy Skyes a few times on YouTube. He's a flashy, self-obsessed stock trader who spends his time looking rich and pulling in ******s to his education courses.

    Check out his bullshit emotive marketing video:

    While cruising Quora, I came across an interesting post exposing his model for what it is.

    Essentially the idea is that he buys illiquid penny stocks, after that he tells all his subscribers to buy. Low and behold the price goes up due to the thin market, and he looks like a genius, he gets out with a tidy profit, and everyone else is left trying to sell to a market where there are no buyers, so price crashes back down to earth.

    Very sneaky, but also interesting and something we all need to be aware of.
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    He does make over a million annually from his services, but he did make his first million shorting penny stocks as a self taught trader. He is a real success story with verified track records and massive amounts of money to keep his richie rich profile. He is selling the dreams though with illiquid penny stocks.