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  • Forex EUR/USD live trading signal

    I am new to this forum, hope to start reading, interacting and keep learning in the next few days.

    I have developed a predictive model for EUR/USD that I use for my daily trades (not a big trader myself cause I do not have enough capital to cover losing odds, but making some interesting profit). The model works well, providing sell/hold/buy probabilities for the next hour, every 5 minutes.

    I will not state any accuracy, as you can check for yourself if you want to dedicate some time and only a few dollars per month (30 usd/month). Here's the link, you will need to register (I am trying to improve the website and it's connection to the model):

    See you around!
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    Let me get this straight.

    You want people to part with cash before they can even see any stats of your system??

    Are you serious?

    What if it all just BS

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      First time I sell the results of a model like this one. I typically develop models and AI based systems for clients, but never use them, and do not handle the stats/backtesting, etc. I am using the model to trade myself, not every day but occasionally (I would say maybe 2-3 times a week). I thought about selling it, and it occurred to me that 1 usd/day was reasonable, at least to compensate the time I spend maintaining the code, checking, etc (I do not live out of developing or selling trading signals). I don't really trust past stats nor backtesting, I think the market changes a lot.

      I don't know how this signal market operates, so it may be that my market strategy is not suited for it; will keep trying to understand what would be a good strategy. Thanks for the comment.


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        I may just provide access to the signals for free, at least for a while, and you guys could use it if you like, and then let me know if it's accurate and suits your needs. I think that would be a good test.

        I am currently improving the web service, not an expert on that area so it's taking a bit. As soon as I get it running properly I will grant access to anyone interested.


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          Hi! I have finally opted for providing free access for a few days. The link is:

          I will leave it unrestricted till Wednesday (please let me know if you can't access).

          Happy to receive feedback, please let me know if you could check it out and was useful. This will allow me to gauge if there is a need to continue with the service, and we can discuss the terms and conditions.


          edit: The model runs and outputs the signal every minute.
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            Originally posted by smartresearch1 View Post
            Hi! I have finally opted for providing free access for a few days. The link is:


            edit: The model runs and outputs the signal every minute.
            Unfortunately, at least apart from the time stamp the numbers mean absolutely nothing to me and there is no explanation.



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              Hi Pete. Thanks for your message. The numbers you see are the probability that EUR/USD will rise (buy) or fall (sell) within the following 5 minutes. The probabilities are computed from a machine learning model that runs (and retrains) every 5 minutes, using fresh data.

              I am using these probabilities to help me decide on trades. I suggest trading when the probability (for sell or buy) is larger than 65%.

              Hope this helps you use the predictions in your favor.



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                In real time (29/08/2017):

                The EUR/USD extended its record positive momentum and rose above the psychological mark of 1.2000 for the first time since January 2015.

                The prevailing bearish sentiment around the dollar, with the US dollar key index dropping a 2-and-a-half-low close to 91.50 had been a key factor behind Tuesday's sharp rise.

                Meanwhile, escalating geopolitical tensions, following North Korea's ballistic missile launch on Tuesday, improved the status of currency compared as funding currencies and helped with the upward move.

                Meanwhile, the chances of some important couples who soared in a decision break through 1.2000 further aggravated the movement and helped with the strong rise of the early part of the European session.

                The pair hit an intraday high of 1.2070 but has now retracted about 35-40 pips from the highs and is trading around the 1.2035-30 band with traders now waiting for the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index The USA.