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European Breakout Session Signal goes live

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  • European Breakout Session Signal goes live

    Over the past for months I have been back-testing my new European Session strategy, over this time I have been able to produce a return of just over 50% while only putting at risk 8.7%. I have recently gone live with this strategy and am excited to announce it will be available to the general public on MQL5 please follow the link of details. I know that a lot of you have already followed the demo account in testing or just kept on eye on my performance. As always happy trading!

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    I lost 7% of my Live account within 24 hours following this guy through SignalStart for 18 days. On the 18th day I received this email from the Provider - "I am stopping the signal. The systems that I was using failed. I am looking into this." Ever feel like a lab rat? No offer to refund the sub to either SignalStart or his sub. Be very wary of this guy before signing up. I also see that his sub has gone from USD$30 to USD$50 based on what are basically experimental EAs.