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  • Technical Analysis of EUR/USD

    EUR/USD Price Puts the Gains at Level 61.8% Fib Again

    The EUR/USD pairs seem on bulls that having a tough time that breaching a key Fibonacci to the hurdle for the fourth straight trading day.

    The pair is currently trading at the largely unchanged on the day near at the level 1.1850 that have faced the rejection at the level 1.1859. The level will mark the level 61.8% Fibonacci hurdle this Wednesday.

    The Fibonacci retracement level marks at the level of 61.8% to sell-off at the level of 1.2011 to 1.1612. If we have a look at the daily chart of the relative strength index the MACD histogram is biased bullish low at the level 1.1612. The Pair was previously closed at level 1.1859.

    Support Level: 1.1831, 1.1829, 1.1825
    Resistance Level: 1.1838, 1.1841, 1.1844

    USD/CAD Price Shows the Better Bid at the Falling Trendline

    The Canadian dollar is losing ground close by the losses in oil and pushing USD/CAD higher.

    The currency pair is at present trading close to the level 1.3155, which is the opposite of the trendline associating Sept. 30 and Oct.15 highs. Be that as it may, a move over the askew obstruction line may not be sufficient to tempt more grounded chart driven buying. That is on the grounds that few key opposition levels are lined over the trendline obstacle.

    For example, the 50-day moving normal (MA) is situated at the level 1.3195, and a lower high is seen at 1.3260 (Oct. 15 high). Every day close over the lower high is expected to confirm a bullish inversion. Then again, the Oct.21 low of 1.3081 is the level to beat for the sellers. The Pair was previously closed at level 1.3121.

    Support Level: 1.3149,1.3144, 1.3140
    Resistance Level: 1.3158,1.3162, 1.3167

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    • Technical Analysis of AUD USD or GBP USD

      AUD/USD Price Falls Back to Level at 0.70 to Biased Bearish

      The AUD/USD seems to the sessions low to the early trading session hours that faced the rejection to the level by 0.7025 to the release china Manufacturing PMI.

      The AUD/USD pair daily chart indicators suggested the risk to the downside. If you identify the trend changes and trend strength that producing the deeper to bar below the zero lines. Its daily chart shows the lower highs and the lower setup that seems on the daily chart that indicates the bearish control to the deeper support levels 0.6921 and the 0.68 to the 200 day Simple Moving Average. The AUD/USD pair was previously close at the level of 0.726.

      Support Level: S1 0.6992 S2 0.6984 S3 0.6972
      Resistance Level: R1 0.7013 R2 0.7024 R3 0.7033

      GBP/USD Pair Shows on Downside to Risks Skewed

      The daily chart of the GBP/USD pair will be crossed below zero and indicating a bullish trend to change. The 5 and the 10-day simple moving average is trending to the bearish setup.
      The GBP/USD pair relative strength index seems below the level by 50 to the negative reading.

      The GBP/USD risks are falling to the 100-day to the simple moving average that located to the level by 1.2876. According to the press time the pair is trading at the level 1.2930 that representing the gain to the day with the trendline that rising to the lows last week. The pair were previously closed at level 1.2941.

      Support Level: S1 1.2894 S2 1.2882 S3 1.2866
      Resistance Level: R1 1.2921 R2 1.2938 R3 1.2949

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      • Technical Analysis on Gold & Silver

        Gold Price Seems the Uptrend at Level $19,00 Mixed US Presidential Election Polls

        The Gold Prices remain depressed to the early Asian session that rises to the two-week top at the level of $1,900 on Wednesday. On the other hand, you will need the US Dollar weakness that favored the yellow metal to the challenges of the risks on the 2020 Presidential election.

        The S&P 500 futures drop to the level by 0.17% to the 1.0% initial gains to the. The SMA 50 day keeps restricting the golds short term upside in which you purchase the sellers that breaks the level $1,894 that comprising the 100-day SMA. The pair is previously closed at level 1,909.19.

        Support Level: S1 1895.86 S2 1892.17 S3 1889.46
        Resistance Level: R1 1902.26 R2 1904.97 R3 1908.66

        Silver Price XAG/USD Rising the Channel US Election Polls To Probe Risks

        Silver Bounces back above at the immediate level to the bullish channel that picking up the bids near to the level by $24.17% upto the 0.16% intraday during the early Wednesday.

        Technically the 200 HMA and the lower line that stated the channel around at the level by $24.00 will see the previous resistance at the level $23.80 challenges to the silver bears.

        Meanwhile, $24.50 can offer immediate resistance to the bullion ahead of probing the channel’s upper line near the level of $24.62.

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        • Technical Analysis on GBP/USD and AUD/USD

          GBP/USD Pair Seems To the Resistance Below 1.3200 With Two Week Old Flirts

          The GBP/USD pair will stay positive at the level by 1.3175 up by 0.15% intraday high during this Monday. The Early Asian session will be extended at the level by 1.3182 with the price-positive RSI Conditions.

          During the Quotes, the pair further go up with the past 1.3200 in the high near level high by 1.3050 that restricts the pair with the pullbacks that move before the GBP/USD seller towards the 200-bar SMA Level of 1.2962.

          During the statement's further potential gain past-1.3200, the August 19 high close to 1.3270 can offer a middle-end toward the north-run towards September's tower encompassing 1.3485.

          AUD/USD Pair Aussie the 7 weeks High

          AUD/USD broke higher from an hourly chart setting plan early Monday and timed a high of the level 0.7298 a couple of moments before press time. That level was most recently seen on Sept. 21.

          The hourly chart breakout demonstrates a resumption of the convention from the Nov. 2 low of 0.6991 and has made the ways for the Sept. 16 high at the level 0.7345.

          The over 50 day by day graph relative quality record and the positive MACD histogram likewise favor proceeded with gains in the Aussie dollar.

          Acknowledgment below the hourly chart backing of 0.7239 would prematurely end the prompt bullish viewpoint.

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          • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

            EUR/USD Pair Seems Upside Breakout Backs to Head and Shoulder Pattern

            The EUR/USD pair seems to the front foot to the near at the level 1.1850 to the starting of the week to extending the third straight on Monday.

            The Bullish is a crossover to the 50 hourly moving average that cutting to the level 100HMA that add below to the bullish move.

            US-China trade war acceleration through the Trump organization's 'intermediary' period before group Biden takes over in late January may be another headwind. The active President moved to boycott US interest in Chinese military-connected firms. Beijing typically shuddered for all to hear. Another round of blow for blow countermeasures may follow. Taking all things together, this implies that the Greenback may yet recover a sanctuary offers.

            In front of the 1.1900 level, the bulls are probably going to confront hardened opposition at 1.1860, November 5 high.

            The conjunction of the 200-HMA and example neck area at the level by 1.1800 is the level to beat for the bears.

            GBP/USD Scales Drops the Fib Hurdle Level to the 61.8%

            GBP/USD is right now trading at the level 1.3217, speaking to a 0.20% increase on the day, having finished a week ago above 1.2174 the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the auction from the Aug. 31 high of 1.3483 to Sept. 23 low of 1.2675.

            The break over the Fibonacci obstacle is generally viewed as bullish. For this situation, notwithstanding, the most recent week's high of 1.3313 is the level to beat for the bulls. A move above 1.3313 would refute purchaser weariness motioned by the long upper wick appended to the earlier week's light and open the entryways to the level 1.3483.

            Then again, a move below the Asian meeting low of level 1.3174 would approve the buyer’s weakness monitored by the week by week light and move risk for a drop to 1.3108 (5-week basic moving averages)

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            • Technical Analysis on XAU/USD or XAG/USD

              XAU/USD is Testing the Critical Support at the $1860

              The Technical Confluences Indicator shows that the XAU/USD pair is shielding the solid at the level $1877 uphold, which is the assembly of the earlier day low, Fibonacci 23.6% one-week and one-month.

              Acknowledgment below the latter is probably going to trigger a sharp drop towards a minor cap adjusted at $1868, the turning point one-day S2.

              The following basic help of the earlier month low of the level $1860 will be on the trader’s radars. On the other side, gold is probably going to confront a group of obstruction levels in the event that it recovers some ground towards the applicable potential gain obstacle at $1888, which is the convergence of the SMA50 one-hour and Fibonacci 38.2% one-month.

              Further north, the rotate point one-day R1 at the level $1891 will challenge the upward journey.

              Nonetheless, $1894 will be a difficult one to figure out for the bulls, as it is the conjunction of the earlier day high, SMA100 four-hour and Fibonacci 38.2% one-week.

              XAG/USD Seems Seller Below at the level $24.40

              Silver wobbles around to the level of $24.50 in the midst of Wednesday's Asian meeting. In doing such, the white metal keeps the most recent trading range somewhere in the range of $24.45 and $24.52. The bullion prior ricocheted off an intersection of 21-day and 100-day SMA combined with an upward slanting pattern line from October 29.

              Thus, intraday buyers may focus on the $25.00 limit in front of testing the expressed opposition line close to $25.65. Likewise prone to challenge the silver bulls is the month to month pinnacle of $26.00.

              Unexpectedly, a drawback break of $24.40 can rapidly drag the statement towards November 09 low close of $23.55 prior to coordinating silver traders toward the month to month low around $23.20 and the $23.00 round-figure.

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              • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or S&P 500

                EUR/USD Pair Breaks the Monthly to Direct Risk Bears at Level 1.1800

                EUR/USD pair was consolidated near at the day low currently down at the level 0.13% on the day to 1.1840 on this early Thursday. The pair will be traced to the break on the upward to the sloping trend line.

                The RSI condition of the pair will be clear the break to the previous support line and the EUR/USD is the eye at the level by 1.1788 during the further declines.

                For a situation where the danger off encourages the US dollar to invert the month to month misfortunes, the mid-October low close to 1.1690 and the month to month base encompassing 1.1600 could pick up the market's consideration.

                On the other hand, a potential gain break of the help transformed into-opposition, at 1.1883 now, will be examined by the 1.1900 round-figure.

                It should likewise be noticed that the even territory around 1.1920-25, involving highs set apart on September 10 thus far in November, turns into a difficult one to figure out for the EUR/USD buyers past-1.1900.

                S&P 500 Price Seems the Bulls to Steam Below Time Highs

                The S&P 500 Index is attempting to persuade on the potential gain as it runs out of force. Coming up next is a top-down examination of potential liquidity zones on the drawback should the market move into appropriation.

                The week after week graph shows that the neck area of the W-development meets the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the week by week bullish motivation leg.

                The four-hour chart shows that there is a conversion of a half mean inversion and earlier obstruction structure that would be relied upon to go about as help, in the region of the 21-hour moving normally.

                While exchanging is responsive, not cautious, it does no wrong in having some foreknowledge and being ready for expected value activity.

                In the accompanying investigation, the hourly conditions are less bullish with the value now underneath the 21-hour moving normal and testing the main layer of basic help.

                A tear here will open possibilities for the drawback focusing on a tear of Tuesday's low to open a race to Friday's old record closing highs.

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                • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or AUD USD

                  EUR/USD Pair Shows the Bids to Triangle Around 1.1800

                  The EUR/USD pair rose to the level by 1.1860 on this Monday Session due to this major currency pairs trades inside the symmetrical triangle to the upside momentum to the 200 SMA.

                  The RSI conditions do not seem as overbought and oversold to the continuation of the recovery of the moves that can be expected.

                  EUR/USD buyers right now eye the support line of the expressed triangle, at 1.1881 now, while focusing to invigorate the month to month top containing 1.1920.

                  In the pattern, the example's support line at the level by 1.1835 now, goes before a 200-bar SMA level of 1.1789 to test the momentary drawback. Additionally going about as support is the November 04 high of the level by 1.1770.

                  AUD/USD Pair Trapped to the Ascending Triangle

                  AUD/USD is currently trading at the level above 0.7310, speaking to a 0.16% addition on the day.

                  While the pair is blazing green, it is yet to leave a fourteen-day climbing triangle, as observed on the 4-hour outline. All things considered, the quick inclination stays equal.

                  A break over the upper finish of the triangle, as of now at the level 0.7340, would infer a continuation of the convention from the Nov. 2 low of 0.6991 and open the entryways for 0.7413 (Sept. 1 high).

                  Then again, a triangle breakdown would infer a transient bearish inversion and move risk for a drop to 0.6991.

                  A bullish breakout takes a look at press time, as the value markets are cheering possibilities of an early rollout of Covid antibodies in the US.

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                  • Technical Analysis on Gold & Silver

                    Gold Price Risks to Falling to 200 day Level

                    The Gold Price is going under the long-held support because the gold now risks falling to the 200- day Simple Moving Average. The breakdown is sponsored by an underneath 50 or bearish perusing on the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) and a negative MACD histogram. The 5-and 10-day SMAs are moving south, demonstrating a bearish arrangement, as is the bearish hybrid of the 50-and 100-day SMAs.

                    The yellow metal closed below $1,850 on Monday, disregarding the level, which went about as a solid floor on various occasions since September.

                    Thusly, the drawn-out SMA of the level by $1,796 could before long become possibly the most important factor. The yellow metal is right now trading at a four-month low of $1,824 per ounce, speaking to a level 0.68% drop on the day.

                    XAG/USD Price Cling to the 100 Day EMA to Three Week Low

                    Silver costs backtrack misfortunes from the multi-day low at the level of $23.42 while taking rounds to the level of $23.60 during the early Tuesday's Asian meeting. The white metal dropped to the most minimal since November 04 in the wake of denoting various pullbacks from 50-day EMA protections during the most recent four days.

                    Not just the ware's powerlessness to cross the key EMA, yet MACD conditions additionally favor the silver bears to eye a rising pattern line from September 24, at the level $23.23 now. However, a continued drawback break below the 100-day EMA level of $23.60 gets vital for that.

                    For a situation where the bullion remains frail past-$23.23, the 23.00 and the 22.00 round-figures can offer middle of the road stops to the drawback focusing on 200-day EMA and September's base, separately around $21.75 and $21.65.

                    Then again, a corrective pullback needs to defeat the 50-day EMA level of $24.35 to test the mid-month top near $25.10.

                    Nonetheless, any further potential gain past-$25.10 will help the silver bulls with testing the month-to-month top close $25.85.

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                    • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

                      EUR/USD Pair Seems Bulls And Keep Gain At Level 1.1920

                      The EUR/USD is currently traded at the level near 1.1928 to the highest level. The pair will need to establish the horizontal resistance at the level by 1.1920.

                      The Bullish will see on the viewpoint to the descending triangle breakdown that confirmed the earlier month also open the doors to re-test of the 1.2011. An inability to hold above 1.1920 could yield a pullback to the climbing 10-day Simple Moving Average, at present at 1.1870. The pair timed a high of 1.1928 on Wednesday yet shut under 1.1920.

                      GBP/USD Pair Goes Weekly Highs Under Level by 1.3400

                      On Wednesday, GBP/USD fell as low as 1.3310 during the European morning meeting, yet through the European evening and US morning ground back towards highs set on Monday of just below at the level 1.3400. As exchange settles down for what is probably going to be a tranquil Thursday Asia meeting in front of slender US Thanksgiving occasion trade for the remainder of the week, the pair has moved back to around 1.3380.

                      On the off chance that Cable can break it above 1.3400, there isn't much by the method of critical zones of opposition in front of year-to-date highs at 1.3485, level bulls are probably going to weapon for in the event of a definitive potential gain break (maybe prodded by the information on a Brexit bargain being reached).

                      In the bearish situation, the main territory of help is probably going to come around 1.3350 as an upturn connecting last Thursday's, Monday's, and Tuesday's lows. Past that, Wednesday's low at 1.3304, Tuesday's low at the level 1.3293, and Monday's low at 1.3262 are the following help zones to keep an eye out for.

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                      • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

                        EUR/USD Pair Seems High In the Key Resistance

                        EUR/USD is currently traded at the level 1.1914 that created the indecisive Doji Candle on this Thursday. The Doji Candle shows the upper wicks with the small body in the market place which creates the Doji to the immediate bullish to set up the Friday Close pivot.

                        The Candle is Seems high at the 1.1914 that would see the indecision that ended to the bull victory near the level by 1.18.

                        The Pair will see the level under the 1.1885 that confirms the Bearish Doji Reversal Pattern that exposes some of the deeper support levels.

                        GBP/USD Pair Test the 1.3400 to Remains on the Cards

                        The GBP/USD pairs will hold the ground higher at the European open that seems at the level 1.3400 on the technical board that is based on the US Dollar weakness.

                        If we see the technical part the technical perspective that consolidating the upside the breakout to the bulls shows the 15 Minutes Chart that is measured on the target of the aligned at the level 1.3396.

                        The RSI Index is turned on the south trades that seems above at the level by 50.00 that suggesting the bias upside.

                        The Immediate support is at the level of 1.3367 that sees the limit of the retracement to the bullish formation. The next support is then seen at the horizontal 200-SMA at 1.3363. The psychological level of 1.3350 could challenge the bears’ commitment.

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                        • Fundamental Analysis Of the Week

                          Watch This Major Financial Market Events to Start Your Week

                          COVID-19 Vaccine Timing

                          To start the fresh week watch out the News this month of three promising coronavirus vaccine candidates has helped propel the Dow Jones Industrial Average over 30,000 and investors will be closely following plans for the initial rollout to the Market Movements.

                          U.S. health officials are to hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday to recommend that the Food and Drug Administration allow healthcare professionals and people in long-term care facilities to be the first two groups to get a coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and a German partner BioNTech, which is awaiting approval.

                          The decision of the meeting indicates that the FDA may be close to authorizing the distribution of the vaccine, at least for the most at-risk groups.

                          The United States recorded its 12 millionth COVID-19 case on Nov. 21, and health experts have warned that travel for the Thanksgiving holiday will likely push case counts sharply higher.

                          Nonfarm payrolls

                          Concerns that the steeply increasing numbers of new virus cases and more widespread containment measures have been undermining the recovery in the labor market mean that Friday’s November nonfarm payroll figures will be closely watched.

                          The report is expected to show a seventh straight month of job gains, but the consensus forecast that only 500,000 jobs were added. The unemployment rate is expected to tick down to 6.8% from 6.9%, still well above the 4.5% rate in March, before much of the U.S. economy went into lockdown.

                          The economy added 638,000 new jobs in October, which was the smallest gain since the jobs recovery started in May.

                          The calendar also features the ISM manufacturing PMI on Tuesday and the ISM non-manufacturing PMI along with the weekly report on initial jobless claims on Thursday.

                          Jerome Powell and Mnuchin Faceoff

                          Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are to testify before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday and again a day later before the House Financial Services Committee.

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                          • Technical Analysis on Gold & Silver

                            Gold Price Rising Immediate to Wedge Probe to Bounce off At Level $1,764

                            The Gold picks the bids near at the level by $1,785 to the 0.50% intraday while heading to the European session. Moreover, the yellow metal dropped to the five-month low as compare to the previous bouncing off at the level by $1,764.60.

                            On the other hand, the RSI conditions have favored the bullion to the buyers on the recovery moves, The underlying bearish pattern to the rising wedge keeps the seller’s hope.

                            Notwithstanding, the affirmation of the south-run need from the drawback break of rising wedge's help, at $1,780.70 now, prior to peering toward the most recent multi-month low close $1,764. It should likewise be noticed that May 2018 pinnacle encompassing $1,765 adds solidarity to the help in front of featuring the April 218 high of $1,747.82.

                            XAG/USD Drangs to Doji On Monday Above $22.00

                            Silver price is taken around at the level by $22.68 to the 0.12% intraday during this Tuesday Asian Session. The White Metal is dropped to the fresh low at the level to bouncing off to the $21.89.

                            With that, Monday's day by day flame ends up being a dragonfly Doji, bullish candle, which likewise gains uphold from an almost oversold RSI line, right now around 34.00.

                            Subsequently, the ware's further pullback towards the $23.00 edge can't be precluded. Notwithstanding, a 10-day SMA and a diving obstruction line from November 09, presently around $23.40, will confine the statement's further potential gain.

                            On the other side, the $22.00 round-figure and the ongoing low of around at the level by $21.90 may engage the vendors in front of guiding them to September's low of $21.65.

                            Be that as it may, the metal's further shortcoming below $21.65 will make it powerless towards returning to the $20.00 mental magnet and February high close to $19.00.


                            • Technical Analysis on EUR USD or GBP USD

                              EUR/USD Pair Is Corrective Pullback to Overbought RSI Warrant

                              The EUR/USD pair will extend the bullish momentum to the third session that following the big breakout above at the level by the 1.2000 to the Witnessed to the last Tuesday.

                              The Spot that confirmed the five-month-long rectangle to the formation on the daily chart that opening the doors that measured the target near at the level by the 1.2400 level.

                              The pair trades shows above the major daily moving average that suggesting the least resistance to the upside. It is the relevant upside to the target at the level of 1.2150.

                              To the drawback, a quick pad anticipates at the round number of 1.2100, below which Wednesday's low of 1.2040 could become possibly the most important factor.

                              Further south, the example obstruction currently upholds at the level 1.2000 could help slow down the amendment in the primary currency pair.

                              GBP/USD Pair Sidelined Near At the Level 1.3370 Bulls To See Progress

                              GBP/USD is trading generally unaltered on the day close to the level 1.3370 during Thursday's Asian trading hours, with indications of buyers depletion on specialized charts.

                              The long upper wicks joined to the past two 4-hour candles show bull disappointment or weariness in the level at 1.3370-neighborhood. At the end of the day, the bob from the Dec. 2 low of level 1.3288 is running out of steam.

                              Accordingly, the bulls need snappy GBP/USD is trading generally unaltered on the day close to 1.3370 during Thursday's Asian trading hours, with indications of purchaser weariness on technical patterns.

                              The long upper wicks joined to the past two 4-hour candles show bull disappointment or weariness in the 1.3370-neighborhood. At the end of the day, the skip from the Dec. 2 low of 1.3288 is running out of steam.

                              All things considered, the bulls need brisk advancement above 1.34; else, the pair hazards tumbling to its 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) uphold at 1.3353. An infringement there would uncover the 100-day SMA situated at 1.3288. ogress above 1.34; else, the pair hazards tumbling to its 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) uphold at 1.3353. An infringement there would uncover the 100-day SMA situated at 1.3288.

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                              • Technical Analysis on EUR USD & CAD USD

                                EUR/USD Pair Looks to South After Failed the Breakouts on 4H

                                The EUR/USD is trading is around the level of 1.2130 at the time of the writing that failed to the keep gains seems above to the 1.2160 to the multiple times during the previous two weeks.

                                The EUR/USD is trading is around the level of 1.2130 at the time of the writing that failed to the keep gains seems above to the 1.2160 to the multiple times during the previous two weeks.

                                The pair had broken the higher falling to the channel that represented the trendlines to the lower last week to signal the resumptions of the rally at the low of the 1.18 and the opening doors to the 1.22.

                                The Breakouts seems the short lives to the fell back to the below to the level by 1.21 on this Friday that failed the breakout to the widely bearish signal. The Uptrend exhaustion is signaled to the long upper wicks that attached to the several candles that suggest the potential for the drop to the former hurdle-turned the support to the level by 1.2014.

                                USD/CAD Pair Teases to Bear Below at the level By 100 HMA

                                The USD/CAD is dropped down at the level by 1.2758 to the 0.08% intraday during this Monday in the Asian Session. The Pair was bounced off the level by 1.2745 that pull back to the level by 1.2763.

                                For a situation where the USD/CAD traders keep the reins past-1.2700, the mid-2018 lows close to the level by 1.2630 will be at the center of attention.

                                In the interim, 100-HMA and highs set apart since last Monday, separately close to the level by 1.2785 and 1.2835, can monitor the pair's momentary potential gain.

                                In the event that all the USD/CAD buyers return after 1.2835, the 1.2900 limit and the month to month top close to the level 1.3010 will be on their radars.

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