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    Meaning of STP Forex Broker

    There are different types of Forex companies. To be more specific there are two. A Market Maker, and an STP Broker. The 'type' refers to the method with which a company executes its orders and provides its prices.

    An STP broker stands for Straight Through Processing. Forex companies which operate as STP brokers execute their orders without a dealing desk or third party intervention, which means information that has been electronically entered to be transferred from one party to another is not manually re-entered repeatedly over the entire sequence of events.

    When an STP broker receives a client's order, the order automatically gets passed to the liquidity provider with whom the Forex broker is working. The liquidity provider is a financial institution such as bank or a hedge fund and in some cases any company which is licensed to be a liquidity provider. Some Forex brokers have several liquidity providers, and that means they can offer better services. A lot of STP brokers will use Banks which trade on the Interbank market as their liquidity providers. The Interbank market is the top level Forex market where banks exchange different currencies.

    The fact that there is no dealing desk intervention assures that there will be no delays in the execution of orders, and no re-quotes will be sent to clients, and that is a big advantage for traders because it means they will be receiving real time prices, and be able to trade during the release of financial news without restrictions.

    STP broker stands for Straight Through Processing. When STP broker receives a client's order, the order automatically gets passed to the liquidity provider.
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        Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Trading Robots

        If you were an avid trader and you knew there is a way to keep your trading working even when you can’t be there, and be promised maximum returns without having to pay a fee wouldn’t you take it?

        That option is and has been available since the late 90s at the dawn of online trading. Automated trading robots are programs which algorithmically make trading decisions based on preset aspects of orders like time, price, quality etc. There are different types of trading robots, but they are all based on the same theory, and perform the same functions.

        A trader carefully puts their trading essence into the program as they customizes its strategy and the aspects based on which it will react, turning it into a representation of their own mind and trading style. The only difference is that the trader will not be monitoring the system around the clock, and therefore is stripped of the ability to intervene in the occurrence that conditions do not comply with the usual strategy the trader follows.

        The best advantage of trading robots is the emotionless method of performing trades. Emotions such as anger, stress, fear and greed are a trader’s worst enemy, and even the best trader cannot be completely untouched by all the factors which induce these emotions. A trading system will simply follow the strategy and act accurately and responsibly without any last minutes changes, which is why it can turn out to be profitable and helpful. That exact same reason; lack of last minuet changes, is why you may wake up with a hollow account.
        As ‘smart’ as these systems can be created, they will never have the human factor, of reacting to unpredicted situations, which they have not been preprogrammed to react to.

        Technical issues of course are another big factor behind the many failure stories shared by traders. A lag of information update, receiving the wrong data or something as trivial as an electricity cut while your positions are opened can lead to great losses.

        Admittedly these programs are used by big investment companies, and by asset management programs. Though still prone to error, they are backed up and monitored in ways which are very hard to achieve at home.

        Home versions of trading robots are very susceptible to fraud and Forex scam and cannot always be trusted. They can also prove to be much more expensive than you’d imagine. The cost of the program itself can be affordable but the security systems which need to be installed with it; in addition to the data back-up systems which are require can all together be costly.

        At the end of the day trading in Forex is a risk all in its self, you can test the programs through demo accounts and see for yourself, although it’s good to note that even the best Trading Systems have had complains and while companies may take responsibility it is not always the case that you will be reimbursed.
        Automated trading robots have their advantages and disadvantages. What you will focus on is your choice.
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          XtreamForex presents new trading competition Nowruz Live Trading Competition 2019.

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              XtreamForex – Payment Methods

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                XtreamForex - Academy

                As a forex trader to be aware about Forex news, Market movements and current Economic events is most important. Place your Trades with a good market knowledge.
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