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    What are Forex Signals

    Forex traders are constantly on the lookout for ways to help them trade better, make better predictions and ultimately make more profits. So it is important for traders to look at all the options they have before deciding what is best for them.

    Forex Signals provide raw data and insights about the market so that traders can make better informed trading decisions with much less risk.
    Unlike EAs, Forex Signals are sent on a regular basis through alerts like SMS messages, email alerts or pop up messages. Some Forex brokers offer free signals on their platforms, or through their services giving traders constant updates, but in the case that they do not there are many separate Forex Signal services.

    If traders want to use a Forex Signal service from a third party it is offered at a fee, usually an average of 200 dollars a month. When you pay for the service you will have more options regarding the method you would like to receive the signals, and they will be more regularly updated.

    It is important to note that no matter how good or reputable the service is nothing in Forex is 100% guaranteed, and even these predictions which are based on technical and fundamental analysis can prove to be wrong if unexpected market changes occur, so even in the case of using Forex Signals traders still have to use their own knowledge and trust their own instincts when making their trading decisions.


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      What is a Bull Market?


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        Advantages and Requirements of the MT4 Forex Trading Platform


        Mt4 or Meta Trader 4 is one of the most popular and used Forex Trading Platform. It is offered by almost every Forex company and preferred by many forex traders. The platform has established itself as a prominent one by catering to all the basic needs of traders and not just for trading.

        The most likeable feature about Mt4 is its user friendliness, which allows even the newest of traders to adjust to trading smoothly without the complications of learning how to use a new software. It offers a simple and understandable interface, which is highly customization, allowing each trader to decide how their platform will look like, and be most comfortable to make their trading easier.

        Additionally Mt4 offers technical and fundamental analysis, and Forex indicators which are an important and desired help by both newcomers and experienced traders. Expert Advisors are also an important and big advantage, not only does the platform come with its own EAs but it allows traders to write and design their own EAs and upload them to the platform, giving the space for anyone who wants to expand their skills to do so.

        The key features of Mt4 are the Market Watch Window, Navigator Window, Multiple Order Types, Variety of pre-installed indicators, Analysis tools and multiple chart set ups, Automated Trading Order Execution Capabilities, Hedging and Scalping friendly, and Expert Advisors.

        The Mt4 Platform can be downloaded on all devices (including Apple devices) like phones and tablets.


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          XtreamForex Thailand Demo Trading Contest

          XtreamForex demo contest provide traders a chance to get real money without investing your own funds! Before you start real trading take your first step in this exciting opportunity, make little real cash and test your skills. Join and take a dive into the exciting world of Forex trading competition with XtreamForex! Joining Link:

          • Registration Period: 19th August 2019 to 6th September 2019.
          • Trading Period: 9th September 2019 to 11th October 2019
          Winner Announcement: 21st October 2019

          Offer is Applicable: Only for Traders of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia

          How to Apply: The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to participate.

          To Win: The client who will generate maximum profit at the end of the contest will win.

          Winning Prize:
          • 1st Prize $1000
          • 2nd Prize $750
          • 3rd Prize $500


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            XtreamForex Philippines Demo Trading Contest

            Join and take a dive into the exciting world of Forex trading competition with XtreamForex! Here we offer forex trading contest for demo accounts once in a year. You can join this contest for free. Forex Demo Trading competitions are the best way for beginners to gain experience in Forex trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies in a competitive environment! Joining Link:

            • Registration Period: 19th August 2019 to 6th September 2019.
            • Trading Period: 9th September 2019 to 11th October 2019
            Winner Announcement: 21st October 2019
            Offer is Applicable: Only for Traders of Philippines
            How to Apply: The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to participate.
            To Win: The client who will generate maximum profit at the end of the contest will win.
            Winning Prize
            • 1st Prize $1000
            • 2nd Prize $750
            • 3rd Prize $500


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              XtreamForex is the Fastest Growing ECN Forex Broker in the Financial Market

              XtreamForex is a Brand Name Of Top Trading Firm Grand Investing LTD. Grand Investing LTD was incorporated in October 2007 and is headquartered in the centre of Majuro, Marshall Islands. The Company is a member of Grand Investing Group, one of the Biggest Trading Companies in southeast Europe. Grand Investing Group has twenty years of experience in investment and commercial banking, as well as real estate investments.
              In January 2016, XtreamForex - (a trade name of Grand Investing LTD) - was formed in order to provide retail investors access to the currency, commodities, energies and equities markets.
              Clients of XtreamForex are offered a choice of 5 account types, in order to suit the needs of traders of all levels and preferences. All accounts, except the ECN and ECN Pro, are commission-free and offer variable spreads.
              Swap-free service is available to clients of Islamic belief on Micro & Standard account types. Scalping, hedging as well as automated strategies (EAs) are allowed on the Xtream account.
              XtreamForex is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund and that client funds are held in segregated bank accounts as per our regulations requirements. What is more, the broker provides negative balance protection, ensuring that its clients do not lose more than they have invested.

              Trading Conditions

              Minimum Initial Deposit
              XtreamForex requires a minimum investment of $5 from traders to open an account, which is a very low minimum deposit requirement.

              Maximum Leverage
              The maximum leverage rates offered by this broker are high, reaching 1:1000.

              Forex Trading Platform
              XtreamForex offers its customers the famous MetaTrader 4 (MT4), desktop and mobile versions available (for Android, iPad & iPhone).

              Customer Support
              XtreamForex Customer support is available 24/5 during market opening times. We believe to build long-term relationships with our clients and all the people who work with us.

              The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped platform that allows trading in Forex, CFDs and related products. It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics on financial markets, conduct transactions, create and use Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are advanced automated trading systems written in MQL4 that are able to analyze market conditions automatically, open and close positions and place, modify or delete orders.

              Forex Promotions & Bonuses
              Join any one of our Forex Promotions from XtreamForex and get the most out of your trading. Some of our promotions will support your account in the case of drawdown and some of them support you wile opening trades. All of XtreamForex promotions and bonuses increase your trading volume and the only thing you need to do is to trade on regular basis and enjoy profit.

              At the time of writing of this review, XtreamForex offers its traders the following promotions:
              - 100% Credit Bonus
              This bonus applies to clients with minimum deposit $100 and cannot be withdrawn from the trading account.

              - 30% Tradable Bonus
              This bonus applies to clients with minimum deposit $500 and can be withdrawn from the trading account.

              - Everyday Payout
              As a IB you can earn up to $25/Lot commissions for each traded lot by your referred clients and this time you can withdraw your daily earned commission at the end of the day. Every 24 hour you will be able to cash out your earned commission into your IB account.

              - Annual IB Contest
              XtreamForex starts an annual competition for all our partners. Become a XtreamForex Partner and grab the chance to achieve your dreams!

              Methods of Payment
              XtreamForex offers a large number of payments methods to accommodate all our international clients through their account management portal, MyXtream: Bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards and e-wallets Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay and Local Deposits and withdrawals.
              XtreamForex charges no fees on deposits and withdrawals.

              XtreamForex is a true ECN Forex Broker that offers reasonable conditions for trading with a variety of products through the robust MT4. Start Online Trading with XtreamForex and Experience Reliable Foreign Exchange Trading with Best Forex Brokers and get an edge with our exceptional Forex Trading conditions.
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                Xtreamforex Services


                XtreamForex is committed to provide superior Forex trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances. Our whole team is committed to offering best industry leading products and services to all clients.
                • ECN Forex Broker: ECN broker is a forex financial expert. It is a non-dealing desk brokers. The ECN provides an electronic system for buyers and sellers to come together for the purpose of executing trades. It can best be described as a bridge linking smaller market participants with its liquidity providers through ECN FOREX BROKER.
                • Top Forex Trading Platform: Forex Trading Platform have a huge impact on Forex Trading. Forex Trading platforms are the most widely adopted trading association in the entire financial market. It has an incredible amount of exposure among retail traders with a reach and visibility that exceed any other financial product.
                • Forex Market Analysis: Forex Market analysis is used by retail forex traders to determine buy or sell items on currency pairs. Forex Market analysis many types like as Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, weekend analysis etc.
                • Segregated Client Accounts:
                • Customer support: XtreamForex are available for customer support 24/5 during marketing times. If you have any query/question please fell free to ask us.

                For more detail visit here:
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                  Risk Management


                  When trading Forex there are many factors that can affect the trades very badly, be it greed or fear. Some people can get too intoxicated with the thrill of making a profit that they lose a streak of trades that sets them back, or they can invest too much money in each trade and get wiped out. All these factors need to be managed, and that is where risk management comes in. Risk management not only reduces risk for trades but makes sure that traders have a plan to recover their losses.

                  Reward to Risk RationCapital protection & Risk ManagementXtreamForex Risk Management Tips:For more detail visit here:


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                    Currency and Commodity Trading Correlation

                    Online trading is the biggest industry of today’s world. Forex trading alone moves trillions of dollars daily affecting whole economies. To trade Forex traders open an account with a Forex company and trade on currency pairs, but all Forex companies don’t only offer currencies for trading, almost all companies also offer commodities.
                    Commodities have been trading in one form or another since the beginning of civilization. Commodities are pretty much anything which can be delivered from point A to point B, and exists on an exchange.

                    Commodities are bought with currencies in the physical world, but through online trading they are treated the same as currencies, with bets being placed on their movements through Forex, Binary Options and stock exchange futures.

                    What some people may not pay attention to is the heavy affect each has on the other. Currencies are very heavily tied with commodities and the other way around. The Canadian dollar for example is directly correlated to oil prices due to exporting oil, so is the Japanese yen because Japan imports oil.
                    The Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar not only affect each other, but they are both correlated to gold and oil prices. Unexpected changes in the ties between currencies and commodities can have a huge impact on traders who trade based on these relations.

                    For online traders there isn’t a huge difference between commodities and currencies, they all represent a virtual product around which trades take place.
                    If you are a beginner in Forex and don’t know how to trade like a pro then Join cutting-edge Copy Trading Program with Best Forex Broker and match up with a suitable trader. Let them trade while you watch your potential profits grow.

                    For More Information Visit:-


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                      Dealing with Forex Customer Support

                      The mediator between you and your Forex account is your account manager, and the company's customer support team, here are insider tips on how to deal with customer support while trading with a company for an easy and pleasant process.

                      Opening an Account

                      When you first decide to open an account with a company, it is your chance to ask about the company and get to know it. The person you will be contacting is getting paid to introduce you to the company and make you feel comfortable. You should feel free to ask anything you need to call at any time and expect your questions answered. You should not feel guilty or uncomfortable for ''bothering'' the good people at the company for it is their job to help you.
                      You in turn should also be honest and helpful. If you are asked to provide documents you should make sure you have provided your documents before expecting your account to be open, and if the company specifies that it takes 24 or 48 hours for a procedure to take place, then you should be patient and not call to ask if something is done when the specified time hasn't passed, and lastly and most importantly if you decide that you do not wish to trade with the company after all then be honest and inform the person you are speaking with that you are no longer interested so they can stop bothering you and focus on other clients.

                      During Trading

                      When you have become a client of the company it is good to establish a friendly and comfortable relationship with your account manager. They want to be comfortable talking with you when any changes happen, or with advice and you want to feel comfortable reaching out to them when you need them, so it always helps to be friendly and nice but also stick to business talk during phone calls keeping in mind that your account manager is probably very busy with many clients and even if they'd like to have a chat with you they can't afford the time.

                      What not to ask

                      Although you should feel free to ask any questions to your account manager just remember that it is not their job to teach you Forex trading or any form of trading. If you are a complete new comer you can ask them to refer you to Forex education programs that the company or other web sites may offer.
                      Also remember that your account manager is by law not allowed to give you trading advice. If he/she does that they are liable to being sued if they give you the wrong advice and you lose your trade. Unless your account manager is licensed by a Forex regulatory authority to give trading advice then you cannot expect them to give you any.

                      Closing an Account

                      Whether you've been trading for a week or a year with a company if you get to the point where you've chosen to close down your account, you should be straight forward and inform your account manager. If you try to go around it you will have to face the worry of receiving another phone call asking if you will deposit, and your account manager will waste a lot of time trying to reach out to you believing you will eventually deposit.

                      Connect with XtreamForex and make Trading strong . Our whole committed to provide superior Forex trading services with excellent results. For more detail Visit here:


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                        Forex Hedging

                        When trading, all traders are trying to find the best way to minimize risk and increase profits, one way of doing that is through hedging.
                        Hedging is when the same trader opens two positions in the opposing directions. So the same trader will open one position going long on a currency pair, and another position going short on a currency pair.

                        While both positions are open the profit is at zero, but once traders decide the right time to close one or the other then they are ready to go either way (selling or buying) to make the profit.

                        Hedging is done mainly in foreign exchange trading, because it is flexible and allows the trader the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the currency pair at a particular exchange rate when the time feels right.

                        When traders choose to hedge they need to analyse the risk of their hedge, and the types of risk they are taking in the position they are opening, and if it is high or low. Then they need to decide how much they are willing to risk, decide on the most effective strategy and then implement and monitor the position.

                        There are different types of hedging, some much more complex than just direct hedging, and traders can take other approaches when necessary.

                        Some brokers do not allow direct hedging.

                        About XtreamForex

                        XtreamForex is one of the most reputable Forex and commodity Broker Company. XtreamForex Is provides superior forex trading services to all clients. Our company's vision is to grow to be a leading and reliable broker that takes pride in offering the most professional pricing and services to Forex Traders. We are building towards a successful, bright and secure future for our company and are committed to build long-term relationships with our clients.


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                          Forex Scalping

                          Traders use many different forms of trading which they feel the most comfortable at, and help them make the best profits they can. Each trader depending on their strong points can find themselves working better and earning more when using a the method which suits them best.

                          Scalping is a well-known and commonly used form of trading which suits trader who wants to make large numbers of trades earning small profits each time. This happens by opening a trade, buying a currency pair, and closing it as soon as the smallest profit is made – usually between 3 to five minutes - completely evading risk even if the profit is too small to make a difference.

                          The main base of scalping is to make a lot of trades daily – can be up to over a hundred a day – and aim on never losing any money through those trades, but steadily keeps making small profit among small profit slowly building up a larger account.

                          The downside of scalping is that it requires large amounts of deposit, to be able to handle the amount of leverage which must be taken to make the short and small trades worthy. It also demands a lot more attention, as none of the positions can be losses, otherwise the other small trades will be imbalanced by losses and therefore become entirely useless. It takes clear and attentive concentration skills to achieve that.

                          Of course needless to say, Scalping is time consuming, and would take a trader who can commit to trading for hours on a daily basis in order to keep building up from the small profits made with each trade, therefore it would be very hard to keep up as a scalper if one is not already a full time trader.
                          Based on all these facts it makes sense to say that scalping is not for everybody. It is mainly popular due to the fact that it is technically risk free, because even when a loss is made it is small, and over time it depends on no losses being made, but no big profits either. A constant scalper would choose a safely earned small amount over the risk of a great profit opportunity.

                          An important aspect of scalping is to always keep consistency in trade sizes, if a trader uses erratic trade sizes while scalping; they are bound to lose a lot of money. If random sizes are chosen it is most likely that an over-sized, leveraged loss will erase all the profits of a day’s work, defeating the whole principle of scalping. All trade sizes must be the same, making the amount of losses and gains equal, therefore keeping the trading strategy balanced.

                          It is also important to mention that scalping is a popular method to be applied on automated trading programs, due to the fact that it is time consuming and needs very specific and accurate decisions which can be very easily effected by emotions like excitement or greed.

                          The way programs work is by trades being placed through the trading day and the system is based on a set of signals derived from technical analysis charting tools that create a buy or sell decision, at the points which the trader has programmed to indicate the right buy or sell conditions.

                          Many people find scalping through programs effective and doable, because it does not require their immediate presence, or their constant attention.
                          Over all, to become a good scalper, attention, concentration and time are needed, with a lot of practice, and having the intuition to pull out at the right time, even when the profits are too small to seem worthy.


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                            What to do when you are ready to quit Forex trading

                            Every Forex trader has had a time of bad losses, big stress or any numbers of reasons which have made him decide it is time to quit trading. It is normal usual and common and people get really tired with handling all that Forex hands them and decide it’s time to give up.

                            But that is the time when you should step back relax and re think the whole picture. Through those losses and hard times you can learn the most important lessons. It is a chance for you to re study your trading approach with a less emotional and more realistic mind set. Reset your goals and make a better version of your plan.
                            Taking a break after having tried trading is the perfect time to gather your thoughts and become more logical and goal oriented. There are many ways to approach the situation.

                            If you are a beginner then you can think of your first losses as the fee for learning the most important lessons in Forex. If you quit when you face difficulties then the money you lost was lost for nothing. This isn’t a gambling approach where losses have to be made up with profits, but a very simple and realistic fact that you can only learn Forex trading by trading, and you are bound to make mistakes and suffer losses at the start. Just like being a new driver, you always start off with on old car that you can afford to lose. You do the same with the money will invest when you first start trading.

                            If you relax and ask yourself why you lost all that money then you will retrace your moves and see where you’ve gone wrong. You could have been over trading, you could have been not paying attention to the right opportunities, you could have not been cutting your losses quick enough, and maybe your strategy was flawed. This is very normal and only by trying can you progress.


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                              Demo Trading Account- XtreamForex

                              Demo Account is the great Startup for beginner!

                              A Demo account is a fantastic way to gain trading experience, test trading strategies with zero risk under real markets. A demo trading account is a kind of trading simulator, or practice account that allows you to practice trading with a wide range of financial instruments, from stocks, indices, and options to CFDs and crypto currency. Gain the trading experience to Open XtreamForex Demo Account and enter the forex market with confidence.

                              Advantages of Demo Account:
                              • Actual trading practice in live market environment.
                              • Absolutely Free: No Credit card required.
                              • Access to market charts, trading signals, forex news and more.
                              • Get daily free analytics.
                              • Practice trading with virtual funds.
                              • Test trading strategies.
                              Here the link to Open Demo Account:


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                                Forex Bonuses and Promotions


                                Everybody loves getting a little extra. So, that’s why XtreamForex offers various Forex Promotions, Bonuses, trading Contests, Reward programs and opportunity to earn extra money in the forex market. Our Forex promotions help to trader’s to increase revenue without any big investments. So create your live account and get chance to earn more money with XtreamForex exclusive promotions.

                                100% Credit Bonus: Bonus promotion gives you the opportunity and earn extra with your capital. Start your forex trading career with XtreamForex and get 100% credit Bonus.
                                • Receive up to $20,000 per account.
                                • Increase account leverage.
                                30% Tradable Bonus: Bonus promotion gives you the opportunity and earn extra with your capital. Start your forex trading career with XtreamForex and get 30% Tradable Bonus.
                                • Enjoy tradable Bonus on every deposit.
                                • Deposit at least 500 USD to get Tradable Bonus.
                                Everyday Payout: XtreamForex are always offer best trading services and promotions to clients. That’s why we offers many new promotions for our IB’s.
                                • You can earn up to $25/Lot Commission for each traded lot.
                                • Full access of your commission statement.
                                • Personal account manager.
                                • Multilingual support.