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    Forex Trading Products | XtreamForex

    Choose wide range of Forex Trading Products and create your investments portfolio including forex, shares, indices, crypto-currency, metal and energy. XtreamForex offers more than 175 forex trading products. Register your account and Get extra benefits.

    Forex: The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest trading market. XtreamForex offers opportunities whatever the volatility in the market. You can Trade more than 60 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs with 0.0 pips.

    Indices: Start trading on major Indices. Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a subjective average of share prices of top performing companies. At XtreamForex you can find some of the top indices such as NAS100, SPX500, US30, ESP35 and much more.

    CryptoCurrency: XtreamForex offers to clients many digital currencies. You can trade with world most traded digital Currencies like at Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more. You can start trading anytime or anywhere.

    Stocks: With XtreamForex you can buy stocks CFDs in the world’s biggest companies. Our CFD Stock allows you to buy and sell shares in major corporations listed i.e US, UK AND EU companies

    To check our more Forex trading products


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      Christmas Special Offer!
      $30 No Deposit Bonus from XtreamForex


      Don’t miss out! Go and Grab this Opportunity. Start your live trading with a $30 no deposit bonus offer from world best Forex Broker in the market. Enjoy Live Forex trading without any Deposit as well as any risk. With XtreamForex it is easy to make money trading Forex. We make every effort to provide the best customer experience and give the widest opportunities to our trader! Best Opportunity for beginners.

      Offer Applicable: All new Traders.

      Offer Availability: Limited Time Only.

      Bonus Amount: 30USD

      Joining link:

      How to Apply:
      • Open a New Live Trading Account
      • Pass the personal data verification procedure.
      • And, Get $30 no deposit bonus.

      Note: $30 No Deposit Bonus trading account will only be approved after call verification.


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        XtreamForex Live trading Contest 2020!!

        The biggest offer of the year is here!! XtreamForex has launched Live Trading Contest 2020 for real traders. Both new and existing traders can take part in the Trading Contest. Join this contest and grab the opportunity to race head to head with renowned and experienced forex traders all over the world.

        How to Apply:

        1. Open a Live Account with XtreamForex.
        2. Verify your account.
        3. Deposit $500.
        4. Trade and win up to 31,000 USD in cash

        Contest prizes:

        >> 1st - $13,000
        >> 2nd - $10,000
        >> 3rd - $7,000
        * The place from 4-13th is rewarded with $100 each*

        Joining Link:

        Registration Dates:

        Start - 20th January 2020
        End - 29th February 2020

        Trading Period

        Start - 1st March 2020
        End - 31st March 2020

        Result Announcement - 3RD APRIL 2020

        Contest Availability: WorldWide

        Note:Traders, who already joined XtreamForex, can directly participate in this contest from their member area!


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          What Type of Trader are you?
          In the Forex trading market for beginners, it is very important to learn how to do forex trading and what type of trader you are. Learning is important before doing anything and especially in forex trading because the forex trading market is very volatile and there is most of the chance to lose money. Read to know about what type of forex trader you are.

          Four types of Forex Traders:-
          1. The Scalper Trader: - Scalping is a trading style specializes in profiting off small price changes, generally after a trade is executed and becomes profitable. Scalpers hold their trades for a few seconds to a few minutes at the most. Their main motive is to grab very small amounts of pips as many times as they can in a day.
          1. The Day Trader: - Day Traders are those who take their trades at the beginning of the day and then with the end of the day they closed their traders. They finished the day with either a profit or a loss. These kinds of traders do not hold their trades overnight.
          1. The Swing Trader: - Swing traders are those who hold their trades for many days. This type of traders can’t monitor their charts throughout the day and they have taken too much time to close their trades as they always wish to swing the market so they can close their trade in profit.
          1. The Position Trader: - The Position Traders are those who hold their trades for several weeks, days, months and sometimes for years. Position Trading is pretty much opposite of Day Trading. This is the trading that suits for a super patient, witty and long-sighted traders who have a real feel for the markets.

          You become the best trader in the future. Join XtreamForex


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            Important Things To Know Before You Start Trading

            Forex is one of the most traded markets all over the globe. In the present scenario, there are a large number of people gain knowledge of forex trading to gain some trading sessions. Moreover, if you have the effective knowledge of forex trading and the various affecting currencies, you can create lots of money. With the help of forex trading you will make a reliable amount of money. In case if you don't know about the forex trading then you will need to learn trading by online classes. If you want to start forex trading there are some important things you need to know before going to start the trading to earn well without losing all your investments overnight.
            Try to Choose the Reliable Forex Trading Broker

            To start the forex trading you will need to choose the reliable broker. There are several things you will need to know before going to start trading. Try to research the reliable and the best broker that is right for you.
            • Conditions to Start Trading: You will need to find the broker that gives you the minimum spreads, reliable commissions if any, swap charger on the currency pairs in which you trade.
            • Minimum Amount of Deposit: You will need to find out the minimum amount of deposit required that will offer by the broker. Check the margin/ leverage that can be used.
            • Available Currency Pairs: In the present scenario there is the various number of forex broker that offers the currency pairs and the CFD's on the stocks, indices, precious metals, oil, etc. Check that the broker offers the currency pairs and the CFD's in which you want to trade.
            • Broker Must have Dedicated Customer Support: Check that your broker must have reliable customer support(Via email, phone, or live chat) and always check the languages they offer support.
            • Contests and Bonuses: Try to Grab the Bonuses offered by the broker to the new clients. Check the bonuses that are given by the broker and if they offer any type of contests then keep you motivated throughout your trading.

            It's necessary to have a proper partner close by, so pick carefully and search for an agent with a long history on the Forex Market.

            Learn the Forex Market Movements

            In today’s world all the Forex brokers have an education session in which you will learn all types of resources that will help you to start trading. For Example you try to watch the tutorial session of the forex trading, watch online videos, and try to join the webinar related to the forex trading.
            • Try to learn the forex trading with the basics is one of the important things to spotting the forex market opportunities with different levels. Start your trading by analyzing market trends. Moreover, you will need to understand the effect of the market by monitoring the daily forex technical analysis, Technical analysis, trading signals, Trading news, data releases, and some of the economics news to know about the market trends.
            Open a Demo Account

            Forex demo accounts are free, and all dealers offer them. You should simply register at the specialist's site and download the trading platforms. The most well-known stages are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. When you have a demo account you can begin setting orders progressively without taking a chance with your cash. Here are a few reasons why a Demo Account is advantageous to traders:
            • Learn to Run Metatrader Platform: The MT4 and MT5 stages have numerous helpful highlights, and you need to realize them well to use the commodity. You should try out things like graphs, economic pointers, and expert advice.
            • Different Order Types: There are a few request types accessible in the MT4 and MT5 stage and it's necessary to get them. The most widely recognized requests are: advertising request, stop losses, take benefit, and cutoff and stop orders. Using these requests accurately will assist you with increasing your benefit and limit your losses.
            • Create Some Strategy: Since Demo accounts utilize virtual cash, you can investigate how the market moves and test out various trading techniques. You can submit the same number of requests as you need and assess your trading execution after some time. The significant thing is to continue improving your procedure and to adjust it to changing market movements.
            • Currency Pairs and CFD’s: The most trading currency pairs are EUR/USD and numerous trainees pick it for their first trades. Other important currencies pairs include USD/JPY ("The Gopher"), GBP/USD ("The Cable"), USD/CAD, USD/CHF ("The Swissie"), and AUD/USD ("The Aussie").

            When you've done the above things and procured the abilities required, you can continue with opening a live record with the agent you've picked. Remember that it requires some investment for a Forex trader to build up a drawn-out attractive methodology. Always remember that it will take some time for the Forex trader to develop the long term profit strategy. But once you learn all the important things about the forex trading then you will able to take the benefits of the Forex Market.

            Most Economic Event’s
            1. NZD Retail Sales q/q
            2. USD Fed Chair Powell Speech
            3. GBP Retail Sales m/m

            More information about the release time of news and its impact visitEconomic Calendar Page!


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              STP Forex Broker

              STP stands for the straight Through Processing or STP broker it will directly send the order to the traders with the market movements. STP broker means that provide the market without dealing desk intervention to the straight to the liquidity provider to the market.

              STP Broker or Straight Through Processing intermediaries is the name given to dealers that, an endless supply of a client request, will give the requests straightforwardly to their liquidity provider. Liquidity provider can incorporate a Bank, a Hedge Fund, Investment partnerships, or another specialist, and as such no middle person in the request will be included as it were the STP representative won't channel the requests through a Dealing Desk. The nonattendance of a Dealing Desk agreement is the thing that makes the traders electronic exchanging stage STP.

              Reason Why to Choose STP Broker

              An STP Forex broker is rather repaid through a markup on the spread it gets from its liquidity supplier as well as commissions forced for each trade. As most liquidity suppliers of STP dealers are put money on the Interbank advertise, most of which offer fixed spreads and are showcase authors, this permits the STP broker to give both fixed as well as factor spreads to its customers.
              • Each time a client exchanges through an STP stage, the STP merchant will consistently make a benefit. As STP agents don't exchange against client orders, they add a little markup to the spread they get from their supplier while citing an offer/ask rate. The STP broker will apply this markup by a specific measure of partial pips to the offer and ask the value it gets from its best offer/ask liquidity supplier before passing the rates onto the customer by means of its electronic stage.

              In any case, one of the preferences among STP execution is that the intermediary never makes benefits on customers' losses since the organization picks up its net from various executed requests and progressively keen on the trading sizes.
              • The best STP Forex representative is a vital decision for any dealer in its effective exchanging experience, as you may see lots of low means or offer among the business recommendations. However, the reality continues as before, just Regulated agents are continually supervised in all phases of activity, so keeping up secure broker's cash the board, convey reasonable managing conditions and might be considered as protected to exchange with.

              Click here for more information:- STP Forex Broker


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                XTREAMFOREX 100% RESCUE BONUS


                Trade In Your Way to the Top With XtreamForex 100% Rescue+ Tradable Bonus. Open an Account with Trusted ECN Broker & Get 100% Bonus on your first deposit. Try Now and Get Bonus Joining Link:-

                Promotion’s Time:
                • Start: Starts from 6th July 2020
                • End: For Limited Period
                • Registration Period: All around the year.
                • Minimum Deposit: 1100 USD
                Offer is Applicable: The offer is available for only new clients.
                How to Apply:
                • Register to the Live Account
                • Verify your Account
                • Open a Rescue Bonus Trading Account from your Member Area
                • Make Deposit and Get your Bonus Instantly


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                  Basic Terms before Going to Start Forex Trading !!!

                  There are different types of things you will need to learn before going to trade in the Forex. In this article we will some of the important terms to understand the basic concept of the Forex trading that is as given below:

                  Pip stands for 'Point In Percentage’. It will be defined as the fourth digit after the decimal point in the currency price.

                  Copy Trading
                  Copy trading is one of the better options for the beginner. It will allow the trader to copy the trades of the experienced trader by choosing their trades.

                  CFD Trading
                  The CFD stands for Contract for difference. In the present scenario, the CFD Forex trading is one of the most common ways for people to trade Forex.
                  To trade in CFD's in which you basically creating the contract to buy the asset at a certain currency price.

                  Scalping is defined as the sophisticated form of the Forex trading in which the trader will open and close the order very quickly.

                  Create a Demo Account
                  To start Forex trading you will need to open the demo account with the reliable ECN broker. Choose the offers of the Bonuses and the promotions given by the broker to start risk-free trading.

                  Spread is generally defined as the difference between the Ask and the Bid price of the currency pair.

                  Technical Analysis
                  Technical Analysis will indicate the market movements in the historical charts.

                  Fundamental Analysis
                  Fundamental analysis will analyze the Forex market by the economic, social, and political forces that will affect the currency pairs.

                  Bull Market (Bullish)
                  A bull market will be defined as the bullish market in which the currency price expected to go up.

                  Bear Market (Bearish)
                  A bear market will be defined as the Bearish market in which the currency price will expect to going down.

                  Up Coming Event's
                  • EUR EU Leaders Summit
                  • GBP BoE Governor Bailey Speech
                  ​​ For More in Formation visit Economic calendar


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                    XtreamForex Payment Methods

                    XtreamForex offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods which include wire transfer and a variety of e-wallets such as Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill, and others. Our funding process is fast and reliable you can use various methods to funding your account with various payment methods. XtreamForex funding process is fully automated will just need to enter the amount In USD while depositing the funds in your trading account. Deposits can take between 10 minutes and 2 business days depending on the method and are mostly fee-free.

                    XtreamForex provides you a variety of local and international payment options to choose from. Choose the payment option that suits your requirement with easy processing.

                    While transfer your funds you will not need to convert your funds in USD or some other money, keeping and attracting back using your area payment indicates you don't have to stress over money change.

                    Steps To Follow For Deposit Payment
                    • Go to the Deposit section in your Member Area, choose the method of payment such as Neteller, Skrill, and others.
                    • Select the trading account you would like to top up, enter the deposit amount, select the currency, and click Next.
                    • You will be shown a summary of the transaction. Check details and click Confirm Payment.
                    • You’ll be redirected to the page where you will need to select your mobile provider and enter your phone number. Click Pay.
                    • You will see a confirmation page with the message that you will be receiving a text on your phone with instructions to complete the transaction. Open the text on your phone and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

                    XtreamForex is continuously trying to make deposits and withdrawals as easy as possible for our customers so that getting paid becomes faster than ever before. We have recently launched two new payment methods of Deposit from African Countries that can deposit via Online Naira Payment Gateway and Trade Forex. This allows the user to most secure, easy to use, and mobile-friendly Payment Gateway for African Countries. We are committed to our clients to provide them the better trading conditions so that they can easily focus on Trading and earn a reliable profit.

                    To know more visit


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                      Trade With Best Forex Broker

                      XtreamForex is one of the Best Forex Broker that offers a number of trading products to trade around the globe. We are using straight processing liquidity for our institutional partners. We allow you to trade in various major forex currencies, stocks, Indices, commodities that enable the competitive price with the tight spread and good trading speed.


                      We providing superior trading conditions for both retail and institutional clients to boost your trading experience.

                      XtreamForex Account Types

                      We offering a variety of account types that suits your requirement. The minimum deposit to open a Micro trading account with just 5$. Our spread starts from 0 pips and leverage upto the 1:1000. The following are 5 distinct account types that boost your trading experience with the better trading style:
                      • Micro Account
                      • Standard Account
                      • ECN Account
                      • ECN Pro Account
                      • VIP Account
                      Swap-Free Account

                      We will be offering the swap-free account for the clients of the Muslim faith. In order to get the Swap-free account, you will just need to open as usual either you can email the support to request the swap-free account.

                      XtreamForex Demo Account

                      XtreamForex Provide the Free demo accounts where you can practice your trading skills and knowledge on the various trading platforms. If you want to open a Demo account with XtreamForex you just need to fill the online registration form to the website. Your account details will be sent on your registered email and you will get the $100,000 virtual cash in your trading account.

                      Deposit and Withdrawal

                      XtreamForex offering various deposit methods. If you want to deposit in your trading account then you have an option to choose Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, and more. You can also fund your account via wire transfer. Our deposit and withdrawal is very fast and easy you just need to enter the details you can either send an email to the support.

                      To know more visit


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                        Start Your Trading With Global Regulated Broker

                        Xtreamforex is one of the most highly regulated Best ECN Broker that offers the CFD trading online this gives our traders a level of confidence. We consider ourselves as the pioneering broker. We offer a plethora of the account types with fast order execution and better trading conditions. Choice with regards to the advanced trading platforms we offer, the assets we host, and the account types available, in the hope that our clients have pleasant and rewarding trading experience.

                        Reliable Trading Platform

                        As an XtreamForex client, you also benefit from the choice of and more ways to trade. We offer a selection of manual trading platforms MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5, WebTrader.We allow you to trade anywhere anytime with our multiple devices compatible with any devices. You can also choose from a variety of automated trading platforms, including our Mobile trading platform.

                        Customer Support

                        XtreamForex customers can trade in silence, knowing they are in good hands. Our customer service agents are ready to help with any trading issues you may have. Our service, combined with a deep understanding of the financial markets, allow our traders to enter the markets with confidence. Upon your first deposit of $10 or more, you will be appointed a dedicated Account Manager to guide you in your first trades, teach you how to use our trading platforms, and inform you on all market matters.

                        XtreamForex Education Guide

                        Xtreamforex education guide will help you to start your trading experience in a reliable way. We have a lot of trading sessions for the traders. Our education guide will help the new trader to gain knowledge about forex. Moreover, XtreamForex’s ultimate guide has the three basic sections as if you have a beginner in forex trading you have a chance to join the beginner guide. In case you have little knowledge about the forex trading then you have an option to go with the Elementary section. On the other, if you have all the basic knowledge of trading and you want to be a pro trader then we recommended you go with the Intermediate or the Experience Guide. It will help you grow your trading skills.