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    In paxforex liked the design of the site-translated fully! I'd like to say about the support, to respond quickly do not wait! MetaTrader is also pleased with no delays in opening a position, plus that the terminal works 24 hours! In General, paxforex is a great company for trading!


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      PaxForex stands out among all forex brokers. I particularly like their
      execution when it comes to placing trades there are no delays.
      Withdrawals are processed fast and they offer a wide range of
      withdrawal options. Low spread, promotion bonuses and a very
      responsive support group are my main attractions to PaxForex broker. I
      recommend that you try their welcome bonus, you will enjoy trading
      with PaxForex. Thank you Paxforex, you are the best!


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        My experience with the company was wonderful in the rapid acceleration of transactions and newsletters permanent that brought me the email from the company Unfortunately, I did not try the deposit or withdrawal because I do a Forex trader to copy transactions and unfortunately the copy system is not available in the company I hope that system copies of the deals will be added soon to the company Thank you very much


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          PaxForex is a very good broker. They offer low spreads, particularly on main currency pairs and they also support very fast answer to the messages. Trading platform operates fluently and is available on mobile devices. Transactions are executed quickly and without problems. PaxForex offers many bonuses and promotions. PaxForex provides high leverage, which is very important on Forex market. They offer several account types. I used Mini account because it's very good at the beginning of the adventure with Forex and to check this broker. I think that PaxForex offer is very interesting.


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              The spreads with PaxForex are very low, there is no comission. I never had any problem with executions of orders which is smooth. The live chat and overall support is helpful and available 24h, and there is wide offer of deposit bonuses. Overall I like Pax forex


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                PaxForex offers traders a wide choice of accounts , offering its clients low spreads and fast execution and a complete trading guide.
                there are many a wide chose for Deposits and Withdrawals, Customer Support Team is available 24-hours a day, 5 days a week . my experience withe paxforex is strong fundamental foundation that allowed me to create and develop my own trading strategy.


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                  based on experience. let me review a little about the PaxForex broker. according to me this briker is very good and proven its legality. and also the payment is smooth. maybe a lot of good bro are out there. but paforex is one of the best. this to all. This broker has a thin spread and guarantees that it doesn't hurt traders. I think you are will not disappointed about this brokers


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                    pax forex very amazing platform and good spread very easy to open account I invite all friends to start with pax forex


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                      My personal experience about PaxForex was very good, It's quite a decent broker. Terms of trade are average. I have never noticed that the broker interfered with the work. I am satisfied with Paxforex. They have very good support. PaxForex is one of good broker, fast executions, latest fx news for client information, very helpful broker. Administrative so fast. I trust in their discipline. Personally I was tempted by low spreades, the lack of slippage and swaps,the minimal requote as well as the easy to understand and user-friendly website. PaxForex is different from other brokers, PaxForex have a lot of ways to deposit and withdraw and give the new customer a lot of promotions to make them feel comfortable with trade in paxforex.


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                        I would like to talk about my experience trading with PAXFOREX,
                        First of all, i want to thank the responsive support for their effort to keep us the clients happy and satisfied.
                        And i want to talk also about the trading quality, the spreads are really reasonable and the execution speed is excellent and the orders are instantly opened. Also another thanks for the news delivery.
                        I can confidently say that PaxForex is a recommended brocker.
                        Best regards, Ahmed Housseini.


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                          the first thing any experienced trader would tell you is research your broker before you invest your money with them. i learnt that the hard way, a few years back. but i definetly did my research and one of the few things you notice about pax forex review anywhere online be it peacearmy or the others, its the consistency to which this guys are being given good reviews. Very few brokers are in that league and Pax just leads the way.when it comes to their customer service which is paramount, send them an email and 2 mins later they have already responded. it make you feel safe. dont have enough cash to trade? they got you covered with the cent account@ 10$ deposit only with spreads of 2.5 -amazing to say the least. on their site they give out free information that will definitely help you if you are a rookie and an experienced trader as well. they are all rounded which is why i prefer paxforex


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                            With a broker PaxForex familiar for a long time. During this time, the company has developed only in a positive way. The minimum deposit to start trading, the ability to find the right leverage, help for beginners, responsive and round-the-clock online support - all this is very contributes to a profitable start. To the trade itself is also not issues excellent order execution speed as well as minimal spred will pleasantly surprise even experienced traders.


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                              Who am I?

                              I am a full-time housewife. Diligently browse the internet to find additional income. Urges passive income through networking, direct sales, dropship, casino online to the end trying to trade forex. Finally, i am now a full time forex trader since 2010.

                              Do I trade myself?

                              Yes, I trade myself because for me trading is a career not gambling or just a business.

                              Is it challenging?

                              Yes. It requires calculation, consideration, analysis, strategy and careful planning before doing transactions on the market. Not only Buy & Sell.

                              Why did i interested in forex not other online business?

                              No need for large capital, no need to find a lot of people, no need to keep stock of the product. No need for certificates or degree.

                              How do I deal with that?

                              I did analytics on many brokers first. Through reading and trying out many platforms to get the best.

                              Finally my choice broker is ... PaxForex.

                              Why PaxForex is my choice?

                              As I said earlier, trading forex is requires calculation, consideration, analysis, strategy and careful planning before doing transactions on the market. Not only Buy & Sell.

                              Pax forex has everything. All in one. But not coffee mixed. Must blended yourself.

                              What is the exciting experience with PaxForex?

                              As someone who has no knowledge of the economy and currency trading must be surprised by some of the key factors. Example:
                              1. Spread: Most brokers have a huge spread between ask and bid price. Occasionally up to 2-10 pips for standard accounts. But in PaxForex the spread is only at 0.4 pips standard account. It helps you to achieve profitable trading benefits.
                              2. Execution:
                              3. Support: Very important. There's when we need immediate help. PaxForex support did not disappoint. They act fast to answer any problems until problem solved. You can ask anything about their platform matter or trading problem.
                              4. Deposit/Withdrawal: I like it because they have many options to deposit and withdraw. Whether staying with Bank Transfer, Debit Card or electronic payments. It is fast and genuine. PaxForex also offers a 0% fee rate for the appropriate value.
                              Analysis: Trade with PaxForex gives you an exciting experience. They guided you to profit in trading with daily market analysis. PaxForex gives you a guide before buying or selling.


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                                Paxforex me gusta,

                                Paxforex offers us high leverage and offers competitive low spreads
                                which gives many opportunities to trade and try to make a profit even
                                if the trend is flat.

                                The attention is very good because the chat is active 24 hours and the
                                solutions to our doubts are almost immediate.

                                The promotions are also fantastic and the technical and fundamental
                                analysis that offers us for free seems very good, so I'm always aware
                                of this.