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  • #400686 deposit not visible

    This my story with ICmarket,
    I deposited x amount of money using paypal, that went fast and good.
    I deposited x amount using my MasterCard, that also when fast and good.
    Now I wanted to withdraw some profit, but that could not be done, because I can ONLY withdraw the x amount I have deposited using paypall and mastercard.
    ok,.... How is it then possible the withdraw the rest(Profit), I could have it wire to my bank account, but before I could do that, then I need to verify my account,
    so I have to transfer some money from my Bank account to Icmarket account so ICmarket can verify it me, so I tranfer 1 dollar
    and here start the problem, its has 3 weeks now, then can not find my transaction, and every time I contact them, they say we will get back to you asap but nothing happen.
    hope someone can help, this is the transaction with ICmarket

    I would like to copy and the case transcription, but this is written in the transcription
    "Notice to recipient
    The information in this email and any attachments may contain confidential and/or privileged information. It is intended solely for the addressee(s). If you are not the intended addressee, please notify the sender immediately (and destroy this email and any attachments from all computers). Any review, copying; redistribution in whole or in parts of this email or its attachments or any other action in reliance to this email or its attachments is strictly prohibited."

    So I don't know if I have the legal rights to copy and paste the transcription.

    hope someone can help

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    You should ask their customer service about your deposit problem and give them all proof.


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      yes offcourse, I have aalready done that


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        I thought that I make an update, they say now that the reson why is not showing, maybae because the transfer does not cover the fees, so now I have send 100 dollars, and let see if that would help


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          Hello I thought I make an update, today I have had a confirmation from ICmarket, that my account at ICmarket has been credited, so technical I should now be able to withdraw the deposit and the profit. I will keep this updated.


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            An update, I just requested an withdrawal today, it went well, just needed to send my bank statement, and the withdrawal was approved within a couple of hours :-)


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              I understand you completely, Paypal has given me only problems while I was using it. Many times I lost money on it and I decided not to use it anymore. My credit card reaches the limit quickly and I was just being frustrated with that. There are better payment services out there. In this article ( I found out that if you register Skrill account on Baxity you will get a lot of benefits. Their service is really good, you can set it up easily and verify your ID without money deposit. You can also get VIP account in only 30 days and now I have a diamond status account which has really cool benefits. I never faced any problems with using Skrill and it is a pleasant user experience. I don't have to get frustrated with services like paypal anymore which is a big plus for me.
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