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Halifax Investment Services info re GOING BUST

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  • Halifax Investment Services info re GOING BUST

    Yup another Forex Broker getting into trouble, corruption, mismanagement, etc

    And this time one of my accounts is involved again. Last time I had experienced this sort of consequence as a result of someone else's lack of skill/morality was with FXCM's whole fraud in 2011 and 2014.
    Listen to the first Creditors Meeting held on 5 December at link below to hear what a sham this is - once again.
    Time to hold these people accountable for real and return funds to those who have no fault.

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    WOW, anyone using an Australian ASIC regulated broker, really needs to listen to the Halifax Creditor's meeting recording.

    Unbelieveble, it seems the ASIC regulation really means **** all.

    Scary stuff.

    FYI, the recording:


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      Yes ASIC regulated is only better than some other overseas brokers in countries with poorer regulations placed on the broker by their regulator.
      Fraud by the directors , dipping in to the segregated accounts still happens with brokers which are ASIC regulated. (MF Global, BBY, many others probably).
      BBY still waiting for any payment to creditiors (Segregated account monies) , 3 years after its collapse.

      The liquidators always take so long.
      I wonder what is the point of the segregated account as that pool is supposed to be seperate from the company but still takes years to get any money back.

      Very poor and way to slow.

      OutsidetheBox hope it gets sorted out for you as quick as possible.

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