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  • Scam and Scammed FINAM

    This thread is dedicated to the dishonest activities by with clone website at FINAM.EU regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with license No.281/15 issued on 25/09/2015.
    Registration Number:: HE 341520

    Address: Just2Trade Online Ltd
    10 Chrysanthou Mylona, MAGNUM HOUSE
    3030 Limassol, Cyprus

    Before you say, "Why use them in the first place", I'll just say, I don't have an option at this current time. The amount of funds with them are 1% of my risk capital and its purely for testing purposes anyways. However, since I've had continual issues with them (it will blow your mind) I figured that ForexSignals traffic should be enough to get the message across.

    Prior to using them, I haven't seen any reviews on ForexPeaceArmy. Probably a huge RED FLAG right there. I did find a list of systems trading on Just2Trade at Myfxbook. (login to see the image). Mostly all clients are in Russia.

    Myfxbook Accounts.png

    Myfxbook does have a review section for Just2Trade , but the red flag here is that all the reviews are posted by a Member with 1 post . If you are a community member of Myfxbook, you wouldn't simply sign up , rate one broker with a positive review and never post again. I'll post a link to the review on my next post.

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    I will link back to this thread on these Forex review sites below.
    Myfxbook Broker Review,1
    ForexBrokerz Review (0)


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      How I was scammed by FiNAM.EU Round 1

      They offered Indices and then they didn't. I already had open positions and they disabled trading on all indices. When I contacted their support, I got the weirdest response ever. They said I couldn't trade in Broken lots (to them this means they wanted to change the minimum lotsize to 0.1 instead of allowing 0.01 lotsize). I thought to myself, " Ok this fine, I'll begin closing down the 0.0+ lots and they will enable trading again." At this time, I began to trade some FOREX pairs and as these positions were closed out(profits), I would slowly reduce the position sizes on my Indices to meet their new standards of the minimum lotsize of 0.1. This was a slow process for me but eventually I managed to close all the MICRO LOTS (that's what we call 0.01 lotsize).

      Once, I met their new requirement of only having positions opened with a MINI LOT (that's what we call a 0.1 lotsize) I contacted support again to ask when Trading would be enabled again. I never got a response. Another week past, Trading was still disabled, then another week, and finally after a month I closed all the positions. As of today, indices are not active on the server that I was trading on. However, their DEMO SERVER STILL HAS INDICES AS OF TODAY. I never got a response on why they delisted all the indices, but they were happy to charge my a negative swap for the length of my patience.


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        How I was scammed by FiNAM.EU Round 2

        I started to trade OIL symbol XTIUSD , I would only trade on the short side since it pays a positive swap (by shorting oil, you are Net Long USD, US Dollar has an interest rate of 2.5%).

        My positions were in profit and I wanted to rollover the positions to the next trading day (occur the positive swap)., and so I thought. When I finally closed my positions I was shocked at the outcome. charged me a horrendous negative swap fee. I had a 1 MINI Lot ( 0.1) that was charged -14.19 USD or equivalent of $142 negative swap on a 1 lot position.

        My XTI 1.png
        The plot thickens. As of today, if you short XTIUSD, you earn a positive swap
        You earn MONEY to hold a SHORT OIL Position 2.png
        And what is even worse, is that two days ago, the Swap on the short was even less,
        You earn MONEY to hold a SHORT OIL Position.png are caught red handed for manipulating the SWAP costs whenever they want.
        This is a scam and fraud, because when you check the swap, place a trade, they can change the swap when its rollover time. So when you think you are going to get paid a positive swap , they can change it within their server to any value they want to scam you out of your profits.
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