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  • HedgeBitcoin
    How I was scammed by FiNAM.EU Round 2

    I started to trade OIL symbol XTIUSD , I would only trade on the short side since it pays a positive swap (by shorting oil, you are Net Long USD, US Dollar has an interest rate of 2.5%).

    My positions were in profit and I wanted to rollover the positions to the next trading day (occur the positive swap)., and so I thought. When I finally closed my positions I was shocked at the outcome. charged me a horrendous negative swap fee. I had a 1 MINI Lot ( 0.1) that was charged -14.19 USD or equivalent of $142 negative swap on a 1 lot position.

    My XTI 1.png
    The plot thickens. As of today, if you short XTIUSD, you earn a positive swap
    You earn MONEY to hold a SHORT OIL Position 2.png
    And what is even worse, is that two days ago, the Swap on the short was even less,
    You earn MONEY to hold a SHORT OIL Position.png are caught red handed for manipulating the SWAP costs whenever they want.
    This is a scam and fraud, because when you check the swap, place a trade, they can change the swap when its rollover time. So when you think you are going to get paid a positive swap , they can change it within their server to any value they want to scam you out of your profits.
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  • HedgeBitcoin
    How I was scammed by FiNAM.EU Round 1

    They offered Indices and then they didn't. I already had open positions and they disabled trading on all indices. When I contacted their support, I got the weirdest response ever. They said I couldn't trade in Broken lots (to them this means they wanted to change the minimum lotsize to 0.1 instead of allowing 0.01 lotsize). I thought to myself, " Ok this fine, I'll begin closing down the 0.0+ lots and they will enable trading again." At this time, I began to trade some FOREX pairs and as these positions were closed out(profits), I would slowly reduce the position sizes on my Indices to meet their new standards of the minimum lotsize of 0.1. This was a slow process for me but eventually I managed to close all the MICRO LOTS (that's what we call 0.01 lotsize).

    Once, I met their new requirement of only having positions opened with a MINI LOT (that's what we call a 0.1 lotsize) I contacted support again to ask when Trading would be enabled again. I never got a response. Another week past, Trading was still disabled, then another week, and finally after a month I closed all the positions. As of today, indices are not active on the server that I was trading on. However, their DEMO SERVER STILL HAS INDICES AS OF TODAY. I never got a response on why they delisted all the indices, but they were happy to charge my a negative swap for the length of my patience.

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  • HedgeBitcoin
    I will link back to this thread on these Forex review sites below.
    Myfxbook Broker Review,1
    ForexBrokerz Review (0)

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  • HedgeBitcoin
    started a topic Scam and Scammed FINAM Scam and Scammed FINAM

    This thread is dedicated to the dishonest activities by with clone website at FINAM.EU regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with license No.281/15 issued on 25/09/2015.
    Registration Number:: HE 341520

    Address: Just2Trade Online Ltd
    10 Chrysanthou Mylona, MAGNUM HOUSE
    3030 Limassol, Cyprus

    Before you say, "Why use them in the first place", I'll just say, I don't have an option at this current time. The amount of funds with them are 1% of my risk capital and its purely for testing purposes anyways. However, since I've had continual issues with them (it will blow your mind) I figured that ForexSignals traffic should be enough to get the message across.

    Prior to using them, I haven't seen any reviews on ForexPeaceArmy. Probably a huge RED FLAG right there. I did find a list of systems trading on Just2Trade at Myfxbook. (login to see the image). Mostly all clients are in Russia.

    Myfxbook Accounts.png

    Myfxbook does have a review section for Just2Trade , but the red flag here is that all the reviews are posted by a Member with 1 post . If you are a community member of Myfxbook, you wouldn't simply sign up , rate one broker with a positive review and never post again. I'll post a link to the review on my next post.