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  • RoboForex - Forex Broker: overview and news

    RoboForex is an international broker, which offers to trade more than 9,400 financial instruments. 10 years of experience, thousands of clients around the globe, more than 10 prestigious awards.

    The company’s official website is

    The broker, which is regulated by the IFSC, license No. IFSC/60/271/TS, is a member of The Financial Commission Compensation Fund and has been successfully certified by Verify My Trade technology.

    RoboForex advantages

    Proprietary platforms and technologies: WebTrader and MobileTrader for trading via any browser and device, multi-asset web-platform R Trader, free Strategy builder.

    8 types of assets: Forex, ETFs, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Commodities, and Energies.

    Different account types and comfortable conditions: spreads from 0 pips, micro accounts with the minimum lots of 0.1, highest order execution speed, leverage up to 1:2000.

    Depositing funds without a commission: when our clients deposit funds to their RoboForex accounts, the commission is always 0. The Company compensates all fees, so clients have an opportunity to choose one of 20 payment systems based on convenience, not cost-saving.
    The Company also compensates the commission for funds withdrawal twice a month.
    Our clients can use the auto-withdrawal system: funds are transferred to some payment systems within a minute 24/7.

    Bonuses and promotions: “Welcome Bonus”, “Classic bonus” up to 115%, “Profit Share” bonus up to 50%, increased leverage, “Cashback (Rebates)” program, up to 10% on account balance, free VPS-server, and extra privileges for VIP clients.

    All up-to-date information about bonuses and other promotions can be found here:

    In addition to that, the Company’s clients have access to two investment platforms: CopyFX, for short-term investments, and RoboForex RAMM, for professionals of financial markets.

    RoboForex offers its partners an opportunity to monetize their website traffic by attracting new clients and receiving 50% of the Company’s revenue for that. The Loyalty program allows to get up to 20% of the partner commission additionally.

    RoboMarkets / RoboForex group is an alliance, which includes: RoboForex Ltd, an international broker regulated by the IFSC, license No. IFSC/60/271/TS. RoboMarkets Ltd, a European broker, with CySEC license No. 191/13. “RoboMarkets” LLC with license No. 15 of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. RoboMarkets Asia Ltd with license No. MB/19/0034 issued by the Labuan FSA.

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    RoboForex launches a new server, ProCent-3

    RoboForex has launched a new server, ProCent-3, to make trading operations for the Company’s clients faster and more comfortable. By doing this, the Company lessens the load on 2 already operating servers and makes their work more stable.
    Constant development and progress are very important for us, that’s why we always look to make our services better and improve them on a regular basis.

    In 2019, we already:
    • Added new features and 700 trading instruments to R Trader.
    • Improved conditions for trading Indices.
    • Optimized and simplified operations with demo accounts.
    • Introduced new promotional programs to clients: "Profit Share" bonus and Leverage up to 1:2000

    We’re not going to stop, because the sky is the limit! Follow the news!

    RoboForex team


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      CopyFX simplifies principle of subscriptions to Traders’ accounts

      Another stage of CopyFX investment platform development is an opportunity to subscribe to the platform’s Traders using any MT4-based trading account.

      From now on, anyone, who wants to invest, has an opportunity to do it. All they have to do is to open an MT4 account, deposit the minimum required sum of money, choose the best Trader from the rating, and start copying their transactions!

      This innovation will allow Traders to increase the number of subscribers thanks to addition of potential Investors

      Please note, that along with this innovation, the platform’s existing accounts of “CopyFX Investor” type will be transferred to the category of regular MT4 accounts.

      Copying Traders’ transactions is available on any MT4-based account, except accounts of “Trader” type and internal Wallets.

      RoboForex team


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        RoboForex: Changes in trading schedule (Labor Day in the USA)

        We’re informing you that due to the celebration of the Labor Day in the United States of America, several instruments will be traded according to the changed schedule* on September 2nd, 2019.


        Trading schedule on metals (XAUUSD, XAGUSD) and CFDs on oil (Brent, WTI)
        • September 2nd, 2019 – trading stops at 7:45 PM server time.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        Trading schedule on US indices (US500Cash, US30Cash, USTechCash)
        • September 2nd, 2019 – trading stops at 7:45 PM server time.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        Trading schedule on CFDs on US Stocks
        • September 2nd, 2019 – no trading.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        R Trader

        Trading schedule on US Stocks and ETFs
        • September 2nd, 2019 – no trading.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        Trading schedule on CFDs on US Stocks
        • September 2nd, 2019 – no trading.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        Trading schedule on CFDs on US indices (US500, US30, NAS100)
        • September 2nd, 2019 – trading stops at 7:45 PM server time.
        • September 3rd, 2019 – trading starts as usual.

        Please, take into account these changes in schedule when planning your trading activity.

        * – This schedule is for informational purposes only and may be changed by the provider.

        RoboForex team


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          RoboForex starts undergoing monthly certification of order executions quality

          RoboForex undergoes certification of order execution quality carried out on a regular basis by the Financial Commission’s partner, Verify My Trade (VMT), thus confirming compliance with high standards that the Commission established for its members.

          What is Verify My Trade?
          Verify My Trade is a data bank, which is used for post-trading analysis of order execution at different brokers. Based on the results of a vast numbers of brokers, the system creates a reference model for execution. The acquired information helps to draw conclusions of order execution quality at every single certified broker.

          How often is the Company audited?
          Every month, RoboForex Ltd provides 5,000 anonymized transactions performed by the Company’s clients to compare them with order execution at other brokers. For confirming the current certificate, the audit results have to comply with the average execution numbers in the industry.

          Why is it interesting for traders?
          Verify My Trade operations are aimed to evaluate brokers from the perspective of order execution quality and provision of information transparency to their clients. The complete information about the date of the latest audit, the number of analyzed quotes, and the results of certification procedure carried out by VMT is available to the public on the Commission’s website.

          To view the results of the regular audit procedure at RoboForex Ltd, follow the link.

          Quality of order execution by a broker is the key to traders’ successful operations. We pay close attention to keep order execution at our Company at a consistently high level. This can be checked on Prime accounts with the best trading conditions available at the Company, which can match the level of liquidity providers.

          RoboForex team


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            How to Earn Money at RoboForex With No Trading?

            Author: Timofey Zuev

            In this post, I’d like to tell you about RoboForex Affiliate Program and how one can earn money on the Forex market without trading. At first, one should understand what this term means. “Affiliate Program” implies IB cooperation between a broker and its partner that uses different tools to attract new clients to this broker. Among such tools, one can find topic-based web recourses, public pages, message boards and bongs able to convert their audience into active clients of a broker. In other words, a partner gets money not only for attracting new clients, but also for their further trading operations. This cooperation scheme is mutually rewarding, because a broker gets new active clients, while a partner receives passive income, the amount of which depends on the trading activity of the clients they attracted.

            What does a broker provide a partner with?

            Every partner gets an opportunity to choose advertising materials and place these materials on their web resources. In their Members Area, a partner can find a great number of banners, informers, and other topic-related materials.

            For those partners, who provide their clients with different additional services, such as trading signals, Expert Advisors, access to scripts and other options, there are special Affiliate accounts with increased spreads to help them get up to 80% of additional income.

            Advantages of RoboForex Affiliate program

            No payout limits
            The maximum amount of payouts depends only on partner’s performance.

            No conditions for MTP (Minimum Trade Points)
            No requirements for the minimum volume of trading operations for receiving partner commission.

            No bonus restrictions
            Your partner commission is calculated based on all bonuses used by the clients you attracted.

            No requirements for number of clients
            A partner receives their commission starting from the first client they attracted.

            No deals restrictions
            Commission is calculated based on all trades of your attracted clients without any exceptions.

            Loyalty program
            A broker encourages active partners and provides them with an opportunity to receive up to 20% of additional income to their commission.


            A partner can use first payouts to continue improving their web resources and attracting new participants, who may later become broker’s clients. The more clients, the more payouts. Thanks to special conditions for RoboForex partners, they have an opportunity to develop their projects up to some particular level and get a regular income starting from the first month of their operations. It’s been quite a long time since such projects were unusual on the market as there are plenty of them right now. Nowadays, they are actively developed by brokers, which were RoboForex partners at early in their careers. It once again confirms high profitability of this type of business activity.

            How to start operating as a partner?
            Read more at R Blog

            RoboForex team


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              RoboForex introduces new features of R Trader web terminal

              The functionality of R Trader, a multi-asset web terminal with a free trading robot builder and the fastest charts in the industry, has been significantly updated and improved.

              Introducing new features of our web platform

              New ways to calculate Take Profit, Stop Loss, and the risk amount
              Trading window appearance has changed – now it includes calculations of Take Profit and Stop Loss in pips and calculations of risk amount on your trade in the account currency in percentage. More detailed information on how to set new parameters can be found in R Trader Helpdesk.

              Data is saved on the server
              Templates of layouts and technical analysis are now saved on the server. Thanks to this, clients with R Traders accounts can use the platform equally comfortably on all their devices.

              More than 1,000 new instruments
              R Trader now offers more than 1,000 new instruments, including stocks of American, British, German, and Swiss companies.

              Heiken Ashi chart
              A new chart, Heiken Ashi, has been added to the list of existing charts.

              Sorting of the instrument list
              Watchlists now have a sorting feature, which can help to rank tickers in different parameters.

              Convenient export of backtest results
              In a free Strategy Builder embedded in the platform, you have an opportunity to export backtest results in CSV format.

              You can find more information about R Trader, a new generation terminal, on the platform page. We remind you that in order to trade through R Trader you don’t have to install any specific software – the entire functionality of the platform is available in a usual browser.

              RoboForex team


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                Why R Trader Multi-Asset Platform is a Real Blast?

                Author: Timofey Zuev

                For today’s retail trader, a trading platform is their trustworthy guide and companion in the battle for financial profits. Convenience, reliability, and safety play the key role for achieving and maintaining trading results. Presently, a trading platform not only provides a trader with an opportunity to deal with different market assets, but also helps them in all possible ways. A chance to practice on test accounts, different built-in analysis tools, and trading indicators help a trader to feel familiar with financial markets and perform more efficient trading operations to get positive results. That’s why choosing the most appropriate trading terminal, which not only meets all requirements of a user, but also matches modern technological development, is considered as one of the key elements of successful trading on financial markets.

                The industry offers generally acknowledged trading solutions, such MetaTrader 4 (MT4), a very popular terminal. The platform was released in 2005 and, having grown enormously in popularity since that time, is still considered as a leading choice among active users. Trying to explain this phenomenon, experts often reach the conclusion that traders just don’t feel like changing their traditional trading environment, even if the software is significantly outdated. Of course, it's up to each and everyone, but is there any use in ignoring modern technologies, which has moved so far forward over 14 years since the MT4 release? In this post, we’ll try to answer this question and dispel doubts may traders have.

                So, what is R Trader multi-asset trading platform like?

                R Trader combines cutting-edge technologies and a classic design taken to a completely new level. No more unnecessary software, patches, and updates – get access to all global financial markets via a web terminal in a familiar web browser. R Trader has a lot of features that make it stand out from other solutions available in the industry.

                Okay, let’s start from the top.

                1. Independence
                Users connect to the platform and work with it using a web terminal. To access it, you only need a PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with internet connection. The terminal is cloud-based and provides you with an opportunity to connect to the network and trade from any place in the world.

                2. User-friendly interface
                Modern and simple design of the platform is not “overloaded” with extra details and doesn’t interfere with operations performed by traders. At the same time it provides them with full access to all necessary controls. The platform’s navigation is intuitive and helps even beginners to get comfortable with it.


                3. Wide range of trading instruments
                As of today, more than 9,400 instruments are available in R Trader for trading and investing, such as American, German, and Swiss stocks of the most popular companies, as well as indices, currency pairs, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies. Such great variety of instruments is surely to offer the most appropriate one to anyone!

                Read more at R Blog

                RoboForex team


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                  RoboForex provides access to CFDs on Cloudflare stocks

                  IT Company Cloudflare, the capitalization of which was estimated at 3.2 billion USD this July, has held an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker NET. Since the very first day they appeared on the market, CFDs on stocks of this company are available in our multi-asset terminal, R Trader.

                  According to analysts, the successful IPO of Cloudflare may create another rapidly-growing tech company. The company is already considered a principal competitor of such colossuses as Amazon and Microsoft.

                  About Cloudflare:
                  • Has been operating in the industry of “cloud” technologies, content delivery, and development of protection against DDoS attacks since 2009.
                  • Has about 74.8K of subscription-paying users, 408 of which pay more than 100 thousand USD per year.
                  • Serves more than 20 million websites and provides response time of less than 100 milliseconds for 98% of users from developed countries.

                  Stay with RoboForex and will always be kept up-to-date about appearance of promising trading instruments on the market. Thanks to our new generation platform, R Trader, we provide our clients with stable access to new assets.

                  RoboForex team


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                    How To Set Goals In Trading

                    Author: Dmitriy Gurkovskiy

                    At the basis of the success on Forex or any stock market lie precise calculations and professional discipline. Accurate setting and writing down your goals help you focus on trading, optimize your course of actions and avoid psychological overloading thanks to planning possible losses, not suffering them as a force majeure.

                    Psychologists recommend formulating your goals as precisely and carefully as possible, projecting them on your subconscious and controlling your progress towards them. Systematic investors and traders have managed to secure themselves at the top of the market not just because they own some super system or insider information; the reason is, their goals are based on their long-time experience, their knowledge, technology, psychological stability and skillfull risk and money management. Trading without a clear idea of what, when and how we are planning to reach washes the main part of "plankton" off the market very quickly. The more detailed and realistic your goals are, the lower the risk of losing your deposit.

                    The problem of setting goals

                    The main issue about setting goals and tasks in trading is the fact that on the financial market money is both the instrument and the result of work.

                    If you ask an average trader about their goals in trading, they will stare at you in astonishment as the answer seems obvious: millions (billions), yachts, villas (castles), supercars and other accessories of successful people. However, virtually any person can tell you the same; it is hard to imagine that anyone could crave for "little" money, a tiny cabin by the roadside, an old bike and even older clothes.

                    Why do most (those trivial 90% of) traders prefer positive thinking to the realistic manner of setting goals?

                    Read more at R Blog

                    RoboForex team