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  • Basic Finance Terms That Beginners Need to Know

    Author:Victor Gryazin

    In this review, we will discuss wide-spread finance terms that will be useful for new-comers to financial markets.

    Financial terms


    Financial assets are a specific non-physical form of property (something that a person or company owns) that is supposed to generate a profit. Such assets include bank deposits, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc. Financial assets are more liquid than other types of assets.


    Liquidity is a characteristic of how fast and easily a financial asset can be turned into money without significant losses of its cost.

    Bull market

    Bull market is a state of the market in which asset prices are growing, and market participants are optimistic.


    Correlation in finance is a statistical measure that shows the relationship between two assets. In other words, correlation is the ability of one asset to move in accordance with the movements of another asset.

    Interest rate

    Interest rate is the minimum interest under which the Central Bank of a certain company gives loans to commercial banks. The dynamics of currency markets are seriously influenced by changes in interest rates made by the leading Central Banks. These changes are an indirect reaction to other economic indicators and can provoke fast and strong movements in the currency markets.


    Leverage is the ratio of the loaned capital to the capital owned by the trader. The higher the leverage, the more money is used in trading, which increases potential profits and losses.

    Margin Call

    Margin Call happens when the broker requires to additionally deposit the trader’s account when the amount of money on it reaches some critical level. Margin Call and the trading account margin are a protective mechanism that controls the level of the trader’s money on the account and limits the broker’s risks.


    Netting is an accounting system that allows for just one open position in one direction. The trader may not simultaneously open a buying and selling trade by one instrument; if they do, positions get mutually closed. Orders opened in one direction, however, are summed up.


    Hedging financial risks means making professional use of financial instruments or market strategies to compensate for any unwanted price movements. This accounting system allows for any number of open positions in different directions for one instrument.


    In trading, profit is the net profit made on a trading operation or an investment. In other words, profit is earnings minus all expenses.

    Quantitative Easing

    QE is an instrument used by Central Banks for adding money directly to the country’s economy that needs to be livened up and freed from crisis. QE does not imply printing a lot of new physical money – the process goes by creating non-cash funds. The funds are spent on buying bonds in the private sector, also known as purchase of government debt. All these actions bring down the yield of state bonds and increase the overall quantity of money in the economy.


    Volatility is the range in which the price of a financial instrument changes over time (day, week, month, etc.). To put it simply, volatility shows how much the price of a financial instrument may grow or fall over time.

    Closing thoughts

    In this review, we have discussed several common terms used in financial markets. They are well-known by experienced traders and investors, and market beginners can use them to increase their erudition and professionalism and to enhance understanding of how financial markets function.

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    • Dear traders!

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      • RoboForex received two major awards in two nominations

        Our team is constantly working on improving investment solutions and trading platforms to provide the company’s clients with the most comfortable conditions available in financial markets. We are therefore proud to be, once again, highly appreciated by the professional community of the industry.

        RoboForex received two prestigious awards

        The R StocksTrader platform developed by RoboForex was recognised as the "Best Multi Asset Trading Platform (LatAm)" according to the Global Banking & Finance Awards. Moreover, our investment platform CopyFX received the "Best Investment Products (Global)" award from the Global Brands Magazine Awards.

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        The R StocksTrader platform satisfies the requirements and demands of the most sophisticated investors.
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        • Dear traders!

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          • RoboForex enabled access to CopyFX in R StocksTrader

            From now on, investments using the CopyFX platform are available via accounts opened in R StocksTrader, the cutting-edge terminal for stocks trading.

            R StocksTrader is a multi-asset trading platform with advanced tools for technical analysis and the industry's fastest financial charts. It allows carrying out financial transactions with over 12,000 advanced instruments, such as ETFs, Stocks, and others.

            The CopyFX investment platform is RoboForex’s proprietary solution for copy-trading. When working with the CopyFX platform as an Investor, you get the opportunity to simplify the trading process by copying the strategies of successful Traders. As a Trader, you get to share your trading experience and attract subscribers (the platform’s Investors) to your strategies.

            R StocksTrader with CopyFX

            The integration of CopyFX into R StocksTrader comes with many advantages and opens up a wide range of opportunities for working in the financial markets.

            You can now copy transactions on more than 1000 of the most popular trading instruments: Stocks, CFDs, FX, Commodities, Indices, ETFs. The same R StocksTrader account is used to trade on your own as a Trader or copy transactions from other Traders as an Investor. Copying of transactions is carried out instantly with guarantee of the same execution price for the Trader and the Investor.

            Benefits for Investors and Traders

            The launching of copy trading in R StocksTrader is to the advantage of both Traders and Investors.

            For Investors
            • Source of passive income: once set up, copy trading requires minimal effort to use. Just control your risk.
            • Try out different Traders' strategies and choose the one that suits your trading style the best.
            • Time-saving: trading is a full-time job, but copy trading does not require constant participation of the Investor.
            • Subscriptions on different Traders can help diversify your portfolio and mitigate risks.
            • Removes emotion from the investment decision process.
            • Launching, stopping, and editing of your subscriptions happens instantly.

            For Traders
            • Opportunity to form the basis for additional income. The higher your profitability in the platform, the better your investment rating in the listing of Top CopyFX Traders of the R StocksTrader platform.
            • Availability of detailed statistics concerning your trading strategy to enable you to assess changes in the state of your account, manage risks and improve your own results.

            Specifics of copy trading on R StocksTrader

            Are you ready to feel all the benefits of investing on R StocksTrader for yourself? You need to pay attention to the specifics of working with CopyFX on R StocksTrader accounts.
            • CopyFX controls (creating strategies and subscribing to Traders) can be found only in the mobile application and in the mobile version of the platform
            • Subscriptions are allowed only between R StocksTrader hedging accounts
            • Over 1,000 CFDs and stocks are available for copying
            • Investors can choose between "Proportional" and "Classic" subscription modes
            • Traders can only use the "Without commission" scheme, with additional commission options coming up in next releases

            RoboForex team


            • Is It Important to Plan Budget

              Author: Victor Gryazin
              What is Forex?

              In this article, we will touch upon the issue of budget: what it is, what it is used for and how to plan it. Moreover, we will try to explain why a well-planned budget is such important for work with finance. Also, we will show you the advantages of an accurate budget.

              Why budget is important

              Budget is a financial plan for a certain timeframe that accounts for planned income and expenses. As a rule, a budget is drafted for a month or year.

              Planning a budget implies a detailed list of expenses that gives a clear understanding of what can and has to be left out for your financial goals to be reached faster.

              Explaining the importance of budget, we should at once enumerate its advantages. Firstly, a budget helps to manage your monthly expenses, makes you more disciplined, gets you ready for overcoming some crises, and stops you from making unwise financial decisions.

              What is the goal of budget

              Your budget demonstrates how much money a country, company, family, or person has and how much is to be spent on obligatory expenses. It must be noted that a budget is not a list of monthly earnings and spending; even such a table would be useful, though it will not help in reaching financial stability.

              The goal of a budget is planning expenses and earnings over a certain time and then comparing your plan to what you actually got. This comparison and analysis of your statistics answers the basic questions:
              • What have you spent your money on, and was it that necessary?
              • Why your actual expenses have exceeded your plan and on what goods and services?
              • How to follow your financial plan more accurately?
              • What to do to minimise negative deviations of your budget from your plan?

              What types of budget there are

              A budget can be equally planned for a country and an individual who wants more order in their expenses. This document must fully represent the state of finance of a family or company. This means that the plan must include absolutely all sources of income and types of spending. The information must be true, valid, and full.

              The process of financial planning is called budgeting and belongs to one of the following types:
              • Personal budgeting is creating a budget for an individual for distributing income on spending, savings, and paying off debts. It accounts for previous expenses and debts. For example, a job is a source of income, while communal payments and rent are expenses. Here, we can also single out the category of assets: property, investments, and other savings or valuables that create a potential reserve for a budget deficit.
              • Corporate budgeting is making a financial forecast for the nearest future that unites prospective income and expenses of various departments. It is the key element of integrated business planning. The process of corporate budgeting normally calls for a lot of effort, involving several employees. The final decision if left for the financial director.
              Why it is profitable to plan budget

              Budgeting allows for balancing out your income and expenses and reaching your financial goals. The latter ones may be as ambitious as buying real estate, or more modest, like buying a smarphone. A budget will provide more accurate information about how to reach your goals fast.

              Another reason for thinking about a family budget is creating a reserve for some emergency. It is recommended to save no less than 10% of your monthly income for a money airbag. It should last you 3-6 months in case you lose your source of income. This is one of the main rules taught on financial literacy courses.

              Tracking all your expenses helps to find some possible sources of saving. And even is it seems that you have saved little today, imagine how this sum may grow with time if you stick to the plan.

              Bottom line

              A budget allows for tracking your income and expenses easily and in detail. A budget is the base for financial success and safety. It also helps to make difficult financial decisions.

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              RoboForex team


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                This week, the ContestFX project is waiting for you in the following competitions:

                The 139th competition of "Demo Forex" is gaining momentum.
                The 382nd competition of "Week with CFD" has just kicked off.
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                The 430th competition of "KingSize MT5" will start on 13.10.2022 at 20:00.

                Let us remind you that becoming a participant in our contests is very easy - you will have to go through a simple account registration procedure on our website and then you'll get access to any of the competitions you like in just a couple of mouse clicks.

                Good luck!

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                • How Did George Soros Make His Money: Top 3 Trades

                  Author: Victor Gryazin

                  Today we will dive into the business of George Soros, a trader and manager who became a true legend. We will consider three Soros's trades with currency that made him a celebrity of the financial world.

                  Who is George Soros

                  George Soros is a trader, investor, and manager considered by many to be one of the most successful financiers of these days. For long he used to be the manager of the Quantum hedge fund that used to demonstrate stable annual profitability of 30% from 1970 through 2000. Also, he created a network of grantinh institutions known as the Soros Fund.

                  He was born in Hungary in 1930. After the World War II was over, he left for England to study at the London School of Economy. Upon graduating, he went to New York and began his banking career, later leaving for a broker company. Many years later, he formed the Soros Fund Management that became a part of the mentioned Quantum Fund.

                  Over the years of active work, Soros made several impressive trades and investments. He is one of the most famous investors in the financial world, known for making trades with currencies that are huge even for the global financial world. Soros's capital in 2022 was above 8 billion USD. Moreover, he donatef more than 30 billion USD on charity and political projects.

                  Legendary Soros’s trades with currencies

                  Let us take a look at threw Soros's trades with currencies that made him wealthy and famous.

                  British pound: George Soros and Black Wednesday for the Bank of England

                  Soros's Forex stake against the British pound is called one of the greatest currency trades of the modern world. Great Britain joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in 1991, when inflation was high and interest rates were low. By this mechanism, the government planned to hold the exchange rate of the national currency at 2.7 German mark per pound.

                  However, there was no good reason for such a rate, firstly because inflation in Britain at that time was much higher than in Germany. Being an economist, Soros noticed that the pound was seriously overestimated against the German mark, and un summer 1992 started making stakes against the British currency via his Quantum fund. The total sum of the trade is evaluated as about 5 billion pounds.

                  To hold back the rate and attract investors, Great Britain increased the interest rates above 10% but this never helped. Alongside Soros, many market players started selling the pound against the mark and dollar expecting the exchange rate to drop.

                  Soon the British government realised that it would have to spend a lot of money due to the extremely high rates and the necessity to hold the rate of the pound that high. Apart from that, German authorities publicly announced possible reorganization inside the ERM.

                  On 16 September 1992, the British government decided to leave the ERM and unbind the pound, and this day got the name of Black Wednesday. As a result, the British pound abruptly dropped by 15% against the German mark and by 25% against the USD. By different evaluations, Soros made about 1 billion USD on this trade.


                  Quotes by George Soros about investments
                  • It is not important whether you are right or not; it is important how much you earn when you are right and how much you lose when you are wrong.
                  • Financial markets are usually unpredictable. So each one must have different scenarios. The idea that you can really predict what happens is against my understanding of the market.
                  • The market is a mathematical hypothesis. The best solutions are elegant and simple.
                  • I have created quite a general theory that financial markets are naturally unstable; that when we think about a balanced market, this picture is false.
                  • Risk is painful. People are either ready to endure the pain themselves or try to pass it to someone else. There is nothing better than danger for focusing your mind; I really need the risk-provoked anxiety to think clearly. Accepting risk for me is an important part of a clear mind.
                  • If investing seems entertaining, you must not be making any money. Good investing is boring.
                  Bottom line

                  George Soros is a trader who can easily be called an outstanding person. Some call him a genius, some say he is a talented manipulator. Thanks to his trades with currencies, Soros has made real money and has gone down to history as a financial legend of modern day.

                  Read more at R Blog - RoboForex

                  RoboForex team


                  • How to Trade in Forex if You Already Have a Job

                    Author: Dmitriy Gurkovskiy

                    This article is devoted to an issue that has always been topical for many traders: how to combine trading and employment? What does one need it for, and what can help one find time for trading if they are short of it?

                    Why would one combine trading and some other job?

                    Trading in financial markets and employment, such as office work, are, in fact, compatible. Not all traders in For example or other financial markets can just quit their jobs and focus on trading. First hand, this is true for beginners: one might need years to study all aspects of trading and start making a stable profit in the market.

                    Forex trading has never been simple, and only experts make money there consistently. To become a Forex pro, one needs to learn first, then practice hard, and then beat their emotions and stick to some discipline. All this requires time and finance. Not at all every beginner has a substantial capital that will let them stay unemployed, pay for their studies, and withstand initial losses for several years.

                    This is why combining employment and trading is so vital for many. Some stable income allows to pay one's bills and accumulate skills gradually. This said, combining job and trading is not easy because one's time that they can devote to trading is rather limited.

                    What allows combining employment and Forex trading?

                    I would single out several main ways of combining employment and trading. One's choice will depend, naturally, on their type of employment.
                    • The trader works from home and has a constant Internet access, which allows checking charts several times a day;
                    • The trader works part-time and can spend the rest of their free time on trading;
                    • The trader only uses the mobile app at lunch.
                    Preparing a trading plan

                    A trading plan contain's the trader's ideas prepared beforehand. They plan promising trades based on their trading strategy. With a consistent plan, one does not need to monitor quotations constantly; they only need to wait for trading signals to appear in the area as specified in the plan.

                    I recommend analyzing the market and charts of your instrument before your day starts. Single out appealing trading ideas and create a trading plan. Then simply stick to it. You can open positions by pending orders or set up alerts that will notify you of the price reaching the values specified in the plan.

                    Setting up alerts

                    Alerts are good helpers to traders. An alert warns the trader of different market events. They are either sound alerts or text. This function helps the trader remain in course of market events even if they are busy doing some other job.

                    Alerts are available in various popular trading terminals and mobile apps. Apart from standard alerts, traders may use different expert advisors and indicators that have their own embedded alerts, i.e. they also notify the trader of a trading signal appearing by the specified algorithm so that the trader could decide whether to open a position or not.

                    Trading at a session at hand

                    Forex works 24h on weekdays. Hence, depending on their local time, the trader can fully use one out of three trading sessions: Asian, European, or American. We exclude the Pacific one because it is a hard trading option due to small movements.

                    In the European and American sessions, almost any instrument will do, both positional trading and scalping. If you have the Asian session available, pay more attention to active currencies, such as the yen, the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar. Always study the peculiarities of the currencies and influencing factors.

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                    • Dear traders!

                      This week, RoboForex's project called ContestFX will continue, as usual, with the following competitions:

                      The 139th competition of "Demo Forex" has entered the third week.
                      The 383rd competition "Week with CFD" has kicked off today.
                      The 517th competition of "Trade Day" will start on 19.10.2022 at 12:00.
                      The 431st competition of "KingSize MT5" will start on 20.10.2022 at 20:00.

                      All our winners receive prize funds to their real trading accounts, and they can use them to earn in the Forex market without investing their own financial savings.

                      Good luck to all traders!

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                      • Top 10 Trading Psychology Books

                        Author: Victor Gryazin

                        This article is about the Top 10 books on trading psychology. They accumulate the experience and knowledge that have helped many famous market experts to succeed.

                        The books will provide you with information on trading psychology and some advice that will help you realize what you need to become a successful trader.

                        1. The New Trading for a Living: Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management

                        Alexander Elder is a PhD in medicine, a professional trader and professor. He is the author of several masterpieces that have become modern classics for traders. Elder used to be a psychiatrist in New York and a professor at the University of Columbia. His experience as a psychiatrist gave him a unique understanding of trading psychology.

                        The New Trading for a Living teaches a calm and disciplined approached to markets. The book offers several templates for trading plans and estimation of your readiness for trading: all in all, you get knowledge and instruments for developing an individual trading system.

                        2. Trading in the Zone

                        Trading in the Zone helps to broaden a beginner’s understanding of work at the market. It provides a comprehensive view of problems that one might face upon accepting a challenge from financial markets.

                        According to Mark Douglas, the author, success in financial markets needs a special mind frame. Trading in the Zone is based on life-long trading experience of the author and his work as a coach in Chicago.

                        3. The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market

                        The book by Thomas Oberlechner on Forex psychology is revealing the psychological lining of the currency market. By the author’s theory, the market is not remote from traders; instead, it is their creation that reflects their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

                        The author of The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market states that fundamental changes in stock markets happen not because of economic conditions but because of some alterations in the collective attitudes to the market.

                        The language of the book is scientific, with quotes enforcing its ideas. Thomas Oberlechner describes mutually dependent relationships between those who make financial decisions and newsmakers. He points out that the currency market is chiefly managed by the complicated market psychology.

                        4. Hedgehogging

                        This book is quite a rare chance to encounter some naked facts about financial markets behind the scenes, diving in the world of Wall Street with the author Barton Biggs.

                        He describes some features and details of investing, showing how he learned to find and use the best ways of making money. Each chapter of Hedgehogging generously offers dozens of storied from the life of different people who fell prey to their ignorance of trading psychology or arrogance and were punished by the cruel world of market trading.

                        5. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

                        This book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi suggests quite an unusual approach to a person’s emotional life. Though the book is not directly devoted to trading in financial markets, it will definitely be useful for traders.

                        The research of the Optimal Experience carried put by the author demonstrated that personal efficacy can by enhanced by living in the so-called Flow. People living in the Flow feel lots of pleasure, confidence, and creativity. The author suggests ways of controlling this state of mind.

                        Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience teaches its readers to sort out the incoming information and to develop their creativity. This book can improve your understanding of how you approach trading and your life.

                        Closing thoughts

                        Psychology is a vital intricate part of market trading. To succeed in trading, one needs to know psychology and make use of it. In the article, you can find a Top 10 list of popular books on trading psychology that can help you with it. Clearly, this is quite a subjective set of books, and each trader make have their own view of which books to consider the best.

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                        • Dear traders!

                          This week, the ContestFX project is waiting for everyone in the following competitions:

                          The 139th competition of "Demo Forex" is approaching its end.
                          The 384th competition of "Week with CFD" has just kicked off.
                          The 518th competition of "Trade Day" will start on 26.10.2022 at 12:00.
                          The 432nd competition of "KingSize MT5" will start on 27.10.2022 at 20:00.

                          If you haven't participated in our demo account contests yet, it is very easy to join them - just spend a few minutes registering an account, after which you'll get access to any of the competitions you like in just a couple of mouse clicks.

                          We're looking forward to your joining in and wish you good luck!

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                          • How to Use Euronis: Settings and Testing

                            Author: Timofey Zuev

                            Today we will get acquainted with Euronis, a scalper that does not use averaging, but has some smart money management techniques. Euronis is a high-frequency trading algorithm that uses a popular technique such as "trading from price channel boundaries".

                            When to use Euronis

                            The use of price levels in trading is one of the most popular tactics in trading and not only in the foreign exchange market. A price level is a certain price of a financial asset, which for one reason or another is considered important to the market or to a particular trader. With this level in mind he tries to enter the market.

                            Price levels can be calculated using an algorithm, formula or historical data. They can also be used in trading in different ways, either on a breakout or a rebound.

                            The idea behind Euronis is that it only trades on rebound levels and only during quiet times, i.e. during the Pacific session, when market fluctuations are minimal. During the night, it is less likely that the price will change sharply. This allows the price corridor boundaries to be defined more accurately and trades to be closed with profits more often.

                            The Euronis advisor can also be used at any other time, but the developer does not recommend it.

                            What are the technical features of Euronis advisor?

                            The initial deposit size can be chosen according to your trading style, so all other parameters should be adjusted according to your trading balance.

                            Leverage should be set as high as possible, usually from 1:100 and above. Such leverage will be needed in case of a drawdown, when Euronis will need all the funds to be able to trade further.

                            Both major currency pairs and cross rates are suitable for trading. The former are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CAD, the latter are EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, CAD/CHF, EUR/CAD, GBP/CAD and GBP/CHF. It is recommended to trade on the M15 timeframe.

                            Euronis has a very interesting feature that allows you to trade cross rates through the American dollar. For example, you set Euronis on the EUR/CHF pair and activate the "trade via USD" function. In this case, Euronis will open corresponding positions on pairs that have USD in them, namely EUR/USD and USD/CHF. This method saves a lot on spread, which is very important for scalping.

                            How to test and optimise Euronis

                            Fully testing and optimising all the copies of Euronis would have taken a long time, so we settled on the oldest version available to us.

                            Euronis has enough recommended instruments to trade, so to save time we tested only the major currency pairs.

                            Testing Euronis on EUR/USD

                            We can see that the pound was tested with the best result, although the euro is considered the most popular trading instrument. Therefore, we performed optimization on the same section of the chart, but we only touched those parameters, which are responsible for the trading algorithm - SettingsNumber, LowRiskSettingsNumber and TimeRiskFactor.

                            Read more at R Blog - RoboForex

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                            • RoboForex became the Official sponsor of Club Cienciano

                              We are proud to announce that RoboForex became the Official sponsor of Club Cienciano in the 2022/23 seasons. This team with over 100 years of history was founded by a group of students of the National Science School of Cusco (Peru), and has gradually become a significant part of Latin American football.

                              Football and trading

                              Trading and football are similar in many aspects – the fast rhythm, the competitiveness, and the participants’ drive and determination to break new grounds and reach new heights. Just like football fans want to root for an ambitious team with great history, so do investors who look for a reliable broker with dynamically developing products.

                              RoboForex and Cienciano are experienced winners with many more new achievements to strive for.

                              Join the winners!

                              Start trading

                              RoboForex team


                              • Dear traders!

                                This week, the ContestFX project offers you the following competitions on demo accounts:

                                The 139th competition of "Demo Forex" has reached the "finish line".
                                The 385th competition of "Week with CFD" has just started.
                                The 519th competition of "Trade Day" will start on 02.11.2022 at 12:00.
                                The 433rd competition of "KingSize MT5" will start on 03.11.2022 at 20:00.

                                Let us remind you that all winners of our contests receive prize funds to their real accounts and they can use them to perform trading operations in the Forex market without investing their own financial savings.

                                Join us, everything is in your hands!

                                RoboForex Contest