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    I got interested in financial markets recently, now Iím looking for the broker to start trading, I checked different options, specifically, there are many reviews about Olymp Trade. As far as I understood, this is the platform, where you can trade not only forex but also digital options. And instead of spread like forex brokers have, they have commission. So far, Iím not really good at it, and I donít know whatís better spread or commission. I would like to hear reviews of those, who has traded on this platform and know its pros and cons. Thanks!

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    Digital options are easier to start with. Generally, the strategies can be more simple. There is not that much decision making you need to do after you’ve done your analysis and entered the trade. Just wait till option expires. Easy! Forex trading requires more thoughtful approach and skills to be applied. The pro of forex is that your profits are not limited to standard payouts. If you’ve managed to enter the market in a trend’s direction, say yee-haw and let profits fill your pockets.


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      Sounds like a fascinating idea. But I really have no clue about how markets work. I think I’d rather start with something simple.


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        In this case, digital options can be the right choice. From what I’ve heard Olymp is one of the best brokers to offer options trading. I’m rather interested in their forex platform myself and I’d love to hear the opinion of people who have tried it already.


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          If nobody answers your question, you’ll have to wait till I master my skills with options trading and move further to Olymp’s forex platform to give the feedback lol By the way, I’ve opened the demo account at Olymp today. It took like 10 minutes to click each button and another 10 to understand what they all mean. I even made my first 12 demo-dollars today!