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    Got the point! Thank you for the detailed answer! Are you happy with the reuslts so far?


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      IPOs don't last and care should be taken in trading them


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        Originally posted by Deliniel View Post
        There can be several opinions on this matter.
        First of all, the absense of fixed management fee puts pressure (a lot of pressure) on the manager. If you don't know whether you will have food next month if you don't make enough profits - well, you are in trouble in this case. YOur funds are in trouble. That's what I meant above.
        Secondly, I have nothing agains private mangers, maybe there are some nice traders out there. Nevertheless, I know with that they are cysec regulated, therefore there is a regulator that makes sure licensed and educated people worked on all the strategies they offer and my funds are protected by EU financial legislation.
        At the same time, I agree that you shouldn't invest in a system simply because someoone you trust offers it. I chose Lapetus because it suit my risk and reward expectations. I didn't invest in the other products of the same company as they didn't suit me. Investigate the backtest and live account results before you invest. The other advantage of regulated companies in this light is that they can't post fake resutls. There are third-party watchers that make sure they don't do that.
        The system returned 15% this year. This is a 100% alternative investment based on math models. Which means you can expect some drawdowns and can't expect profits each month.