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Opinions on fx broker (Kridex)

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  • Opinions on fx broker (Kridex)

    I trade with one broker but I intend to open a second broker with good or better services. I have been considering Kridex, please who uses this broker and how are the trading conditions there. Please be very elaborate with your answer I really want to understand how the broker operates

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    Kridex is not a bad pick, you could try it out. Kridex offers fx, commodities, CFDs and indices. I have a pro account with the broker which offers zero spread and some other benefits but I would advise that you open a classic account to try their services out, kridex offers a neat MT4 platform just like any other quality broker that I know.


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      Thanks for the reply. Please I would like to know more. What about customer support, modes of withdrawals, is crypto allowed for deposit and withdrawal, how is the trade execution speed


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        I have found the customer support service good, there is an option for live chat with them which is quite fast. I asked them several questions when I had some issues earlier and they responded and helped well. there are different modes of withdrawals but I don't know all and I cant speak about all but I know bank cards are allowed and I have used just bank cards, you could just check these out on the website please or contact the customer support. The trade executions are quite fast, VPNs are also available to aid execution speed though I have not used it before. The broker offers rebates and bonuses,I got a 20% bonus when I deposited my money but I feel that is low


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          I am a long term trader and sometimes my trades run for as long as 2 week or more, some fraudulent brokers used to tamper with my trades and there was a time they didn’t even grant my withdrawal request again, is kridex safe?


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            I run a business alongside my trading and I don't really have the luxury of time to seat down with the chart too. I trade on the longterm and I have not had issues.