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Vip club question for Nick

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  • Vip club question for Nick

    I'm interested in joining the VIP club in time. I just have a few questions.

    1. If I open an account today using the link on this site, do I have to deposit $20 000 in one go or can I do multiple deposits over time.

    2. Does the $20 000 have to be from deposits, or can it also be from profits and gains on the account?

    3. Which of the VIP brokers is the best? Looking at Alpari UK, GP and Axitrader. Looking for the one which gives the least amount of hassle.


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    1. You will only be accepted into the VIP program when your balance is at $20,000 or whatever is rquired for that specific broker
    2. This does not matter. All we are asking is that the balance on the account is $20k or more.
    3. That really depends on your circumstances - where you live, what is important to you from a broker, what signals you will run etc

    Hope this helps you.


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      Thank you for the reply. I'm going to open an account with AxiTrader. Now, there are multiple account types, ECN commision based and a standard I think. Which one will be best suited for VIP club based on a $20000 account balance?