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  • Tallinex

    About Tallinex:

    Tallinex was formed at the end of 2012 by a team of Forex professionals who wanted to provide equally good facilities for everyone.

    Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading them to develop proprietary trading technologies so that all trades are transmitted swiftly and reliably to the world's largest banks through PrimeXM FX bridge.
    Clients of Tallinex can therefore benefit from better ECN/STP technology and confidently trade the Forex markets through Tallinex.

    FinFX US Clients:


    Tallinex - Depositing:

    Tallinex - Withdrawal:

    Tallinex - Contact:

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    Will this be a VIP broker like FinFx was?


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      Today they said:

      Clients will not need to sign any documents, their accounts will be moved if they will not notify us otherwise. The technical side of the transfer will be done on FinFX side and funds will also be transferred by FinFX to clients new account with Tallinex.


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        Tallinex providing free VPS to only those clients who already got the VPS from finfx.


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          FinFX would like to notify you that although due to regulatory reasons your FinFX trading account will be transferred to Tallinex, you can still use the VPS (Virtual Private Server) provided by FinFX until the service will be available with Tallinex.

          Please be aware that Tallinex is currently in the process of installation their VPS and once all the set-ups will be completed from their side, you will be informed and offered to migrate to a VPS provided by Tallinex.


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            Transferred PAMM to Tallinex with history!


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              Should read a group of failed traders figured out a way to make money without risking anything.
              So they open a brokerage in a jurisdiction that does not regulate or supervise IBC’s that engage in Forex or brokerage activities.
              Their about us page comment on it being regulated is misleading, this is a brokerage in a box setup. Not a big step from running a brokerage out your mom’s basement kind of thing.
              Running the business out of Dennings Limited, which is a decent enough company to open your own IBC, but understand this Tallinex forex activities are not regulated.
              Forex is hard enough, really don’t see why you guys insist of screwing around with BS companies. Well unless you need a company that's not tightly regulated to do what you need to do.


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                Originally posted by p3t3rjj View Post
                Well unless you need a company that's not tightly regulated to do what you need to do.
                What would you rather do Peter? Trade in one direction with one position at a time with 1:50 leverage?

                Not an easy question... but that's what it really comes down to.
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                  Whatever broker you choose you are taking a risk. In the US accounts are not segregated. For all the BS regulations and so called protections, if the broker goes under as FXCM almost did then you are just another creditor and not even a priority creditor. if you use a broker like Tallinex, your accounts are segregated so you are protected if the business goes under, but not protected if a broker is crooked and decides to steal your money.

                  Pick your poison.


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                    If you didn't receive Tallinex back office login details so open this link and click on forget password and write your Email ID and send password.



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                      Thanks Asad! For the back office login help.


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               LIVE SERVER: Spread is much better.

                        Live Login: 10007
                        Live password: scm123


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                          We have been in discussions with both FinFX and Tallinex regarding the migration of users from FinFX sponsored VPS to Tallinex.

                          The specification of the VPS will not change, the location will and we need to move you to a London VPS to ensure executions remain fast.

                          To make this process as simple as possible we have built a new VPS for you in London, the log in details will be sent to you in the next 1-2 hours.

                          There will be a 2 week period which finishes on the 22nd Feb 2015 during which both old VPS and new VM in London will both be available.

                          During the two weekends between the 22nd and now gives enough time to move your platforms and algorithms to the London machine before the older FinFX one is closed down.


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                            US traders check


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                              Tallinex providing free beeksfx VPS when you just close 4lots only!