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    Originally posted by LogicaLucidity View Post
    Thank you Brandon
    Hi LL,

    You're welcome. As of yet they are indeed saying they see no problem though i've sent screenshots showing packet loss to the endpoint of their live server ( I've tested from several different network sources and its the same. We have two different network locations in NYC with two different network providers and its the same result. I've tested from VPS and dedicated servers. We should see 0 or perhaps 1 or 2 lost packets in a 2-3 hours test data set. Testing to Sensus server results in hundreds of lost packets in the same data set by comparison.

    This looks like a network segment in front of or their server itself dropping packets. Could be a flaky or faulty NIC or router interface close to it. This is why i think you see sometimes a brief disconnect from Sensus in your journal log. I actually don't think this is affecting trading as the connection always recovers right after but, i understand its a worry that it could coincidentally happen right when you're trying to fill an open or close of a trade.

    I asked Sensus to do the same tests. Surely they see the same result. I sent them 5-6 screenshots which are clearly showing this. They say they are "not experiencing any network issues" so i guess that is that.


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      Originally posted by fazalksa2 View Post
      I will definitely post my experience once I withdraw my funds.
      Until then, I am shifting into idle and will try to find some use for my two paid for Virtual Private Servers.
      Dayfox, CHF, Sensus.... I have survived worse.

      We all have to look on the bright side....Like I said above....
      I am sure that Nick, his staff, and the signal providers can establish a new VIP Program.
      A broker like Tallinex or FxChoice seems to be a possibility.
      I have full faith that Nick can figure something out.

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        I sent an e-mail and received this answer:

        Hi Dewey,

        Correct, we are not longer taken US clients but NO, we are not closing the existing business.

        A us citizen already client of SENSUS has no problem.


        Enol Arguelles Folgueira
        Head of Institutional Sales
        Sensus Capital Markets Ltd.

        Office : +356 277 81226
        Mobile: +356 7900 4692
        Skype: enol.arguelles

        Sensus Capital Markets Limited is licensed to provide investment services by the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA). The regulated license No. is IS/ 57386

        Sensus Capital Markets is incorporated in Malta
        Tax Number: 995990615
        Registry of Companies No. C 57386,
        Directors: Mr. Ben-Florian Henke
        Bank details: Bank of Valletta, Account No: 400 2108 9633, Swift Code/BIC: VALLMTMT


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          This is not good at all. I was in the middle of setting up an account with them =/


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            Hello Everyone.

            If I could grab the attention of any and all U.S. Traders for a moment.

            Please, if you could take a moment and send me a Private Message, I would greatly appreciate it.

            I know that there are some who do not take part on the forums. No worries.

            I normally am one of those people. It's ok, spectating from the sidelines is a very comfortable position.

            Even if you are not a VIP Member. Please get in touch with me via the PM system.

            Thank you for your time



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              Is there any update on this? Is Nick no longer working with these guys on VIP?


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                Originally posted by klasniy5 View Post
                Is there any update on this? Is Nick no longer working with these guys on VIP?
                As far as I know nothing has changed except for the fact they will not accept any new US customers. Existing ones are fine for now.

                I did read on another forum that a US citizen signed up anyway and no one stopped him, but I cannot vouch for that.


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                  Is there something in the works for a new VIP broker?


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                    I am sure Nick will update all of us soon on these issues.
                    I have an idea about his current relationship with Sensus, but I dare not speak for him.
                    Same goes for any potential future relationship with any broker he may be talking to in regards to the U.S. VIP program.

                    We are coming out of the Easter weekend, and he is currently busy becoming regulated in Australia.
                    I believe that it may be too soon to expect any answers on these issues.
                    When nick is ready to disclose the details on these matters, I am sure we will be the first to know.

                    I am positive that Nick will find the best solution for his U.S. clients.

                    I have sent my hard copy of my utility bill to Sensus and am waiting for their reply.
                    Soon I will be ready to withdraw all of funds and move to a more suitable broker.



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                      We're probably going to be moving ahead with Tallinex for US clients, however it'll take another couple of weeks unfortunately due to my current workload.
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                        Originally posted by Nick View Post
                        We're probably going to be moving ahead with Tallinex for US clients, however it'll take another couple of weeks unfortunately due to my current workload.
                        Thank you Nick for doing this.

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                          There is light at the end of the tunnel!


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                            Does anyone have a Live Tallinex and Live Sensus account? Tallinex ECN Demo spreads are awful, wondering if they're the same live.


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                              Originally posted by robbiefx View Post
                              Does anyone have a Live Tallinex and Live Sensus account? Tallinex ECN Demo spreads are awful, wondering if they're the same live.
                              Someone has shown me that you can check the spreads via MyFxBook HERE.
                              There is a button labeled 'More' where you can select individual brokers and pairs.

                              I thought Tallinex spreads were more like FinFx, as they originally stated.
                              'We offer the Same trading conditions" is what they said I believe.

                              ...good lord look at this....


                              Can someone confirm that these are accurate???

                              Maybe the Tallinex spreads on MyFxBook are not the ECNPRO accounts but of the Micro account?

                              Edit: ...

                              Originally posted by LogicaLucidity View Post
                              Tallinex has responded. This is in fact an error on the MyFxBook side.
                              Tallinex said they will work with MyFxBook and resolve the issue.

                              I am shocked at how large the spreads are. I do not remember them being that large during the switch from FinFx.
                              I feel a bit guilty as it was I who pushed Nick to continue the U.S. VIP program and it was I who pushed Tallinex.
                              These spreads might make using a signal like Viper impossible.
                              FxChoice is the only other Broker that accepts U.S. clients the traders on other forums approve of.
                              I really do not know what to do at this point. This is not what I expected.

                              Nick, do these spreads at Tallinex kill the a potential VIP program there?
                              Is it possible that Tallinex is the wrong choice? Should we we be looking elsewhere? FXChoice?
                              I know that this is not something you necessarily want to deal with at the moment.
                              I have am in unfamiliar territory and only want U.S. traders to have an option.

                              I would absolutely feel terrible if I were responsible for pushing a broker with such horrible spreads.
                              Nick, you know the pros and cons the brokers and I hope you will choose the right one.

                              If you would like me to talk to FxChoice as I did with Tallinex, I would have no problems doing so.

                              Nick, I just want the best setup for you and your U.S. clients, myself included.

                              Last edited by LogicaLucidity; 04-09-2015, 12:51 AM.


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                                That does seem odd. I have a friend who switched to Tallinex after FinFX dropped US customers and he has been raving about them. He would have hit the roof with high spreads like that