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Yadix Broker - Introduction to Official Representative

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  • Yadix Broker - Introduction to Official Representative

    Dear Traders,

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tony and I have been assigned as the new Yadix Forex Broker representative for this forum.

    As I have been working as an account manager for the past four years at Yadix, a broker that supports Scalping, News and all Expert Advisors by offering unrestricted trading conditions for all strategies, I have a deep knowledge of the forex markets, and therefore I can answer any questions related to trading with Yadix.

    I will be happy to keep this thread updated with any company news, developments and the exciting changes planned at Yadix in 2017.

    For now, please feel free to ask any questions on the forum below or contact me through our live chat service.

    Wishing you successful trading.


    Official Forum Representative
    Yadix Forex Broker

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    Hi, Tony. I'm trading with robot, which depends on fast execution and low spreads and I need to know about Yadix spreads and execution. Why I should trade with Yadix?


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      Hello Ernando

      Thanks for the response and it's direct nature.

      Since 2010, Yadix has been providing direct to markets order execution and conditions targeted for Scalpers and EA traders, with no dealing desk intervention and the fastest execution technology can provide.

      On our ECN accounts (the Pro and Scalper accounts) you trade with core spreads (the spreads we receive from 15+ liquidity providers) they start from zero pips on the majors. The average spread over one month for EUR/USD is just under 0.2 pips.

      In regards to execution, as mentioned execution is anonymous to our liquidity providers, we use the best bid and ask pricing model to ensure your traders are filled at the best price available at the time. Because of this, filling times can vary as it is dependent on which bank orders are filled at. Saying that, you can expect to be executed between 10ms - 100 ms, which we believe is vert fast for true STP execution.

      Execution speeds can be better if you choose to trade using a London VPS, which we would recommend for a scalping or HFT system. We offer three different VPS specifications for free to our clients. Please review the VPS offers here: and please let me know if you have any more questions regarding your system or our services.

      Best regards



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        Tony, thank you for responding. I always start with a low sum $1000 and if happy, I will increase. Can I trade on Scalper account with $1000 to start, and can I get a VPS for that? My current VPS is in New York, your sever is LD4 in London right?


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          Hello Ernando Yes our servers are located at Equinix LD4 in London as we find the choice of liquidity providers that are cross connected at LD4 to be superior. With the VPS, you will benefit from average ping time of 2ms, you can start on the scalper with $1000 and benefit from the VPS. I need to ask your monthly volumes estimate? Regards Tony


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            is the thread dead? what about trading? I’m interested in hft.


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              what exactly do you mean? The question is not completely clear


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                I was blocked by another broker for using a robot. terms on paper were fine, they provided their vps. as a result, the delays are small, but they still were, it was not so annoying, though. but then the support wrote asking me to withdraw the money, since my trading is suspicious. it's a shame!


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                  here you can get a VPS, and they are very open about they welcome profitable ea trading, as it was written above, the speed is impressive. I mainly trade on news, on the unemployed in the USA, you know =))))) there are top spreads among brokers - for major pairs it’s starts from 0 pips in total.


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                    Does it withdraw money? is there evidence? I understood about the speed, thanks


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                      Are you from the tax office?)))))) yes, I've been trading there for 3 or 4 years, probably .. here is a screenshoot of withdrawals, very quick


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                        Do you have any robots? I want to open an account, it’s from $100 there


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                          if you want to connect a robot, don't open a classic account =)))) use a rebate one with such a deposit .. there are quite good conditions there, and you trade with your own hands. Use a pro or a scalper account for scripts


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                            The VPS for sure will benefit more if you use a high speed trading robots because the VPS is located in London, like the trade server, this reduce time it takes to communicate over the internet, and makes execution faster. Faster execution means no slippage. Also VPS is best for automated trading 24 hours a day. I just stick with the Classic account since I have no trading robots, but it is not a problem since their execution time is relatively fast the spread is low and I have no commissions.

                            Also, I joined their Classic account rebates this month where I get $5 per lot on low spread account, so I am hoping to add rebates profits on to trading profits, let’s see!


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                              They still hold some contests.. ok, I understand, the scalper account is from $500, I can try it, the main thing is that money is indeed withdrawn xD