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    here even better, a 25% DD sequence


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      Originally posted by C7Traders View Post

      Please send your trading history (myfxbook, back testing etc) to so that our team can evaluate. We will inform you should you be shortlisted.

      May I ask where did you get the impression that the process of becoming a Signal Provider is an easy one?

      Our selection process follows a set of stringent guidelines in making sure that we only work with reliable Signal Providers. Upon confirmation, we will provide a Company sponsored live account to the Signal Providers with a 20% hard stop in place. This keeps our risk to a maximum of 20% per trader.

      For further information on this, please contact us directly.
      If you have a 20% hard stop in place, what went wrong with USDCAD Scalper ? (I lost the whole account on that, thanks)


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        Hi Gpfwestie

        Please refer to our original post made on the 2nd of August 2017.

        'C 7 Traders is a Social Trading brokerage that works with fund managers to provide institutional strategies to end users. We gather AUM and work on a performance fee sharing model between our fund managers and investors. Dilong/LowRisk/SteadyCapture are some of the strategies we work with. Every month, we feature 10 recommended fund managers on our site ( and work with a hardstop of 20% on all their accounts. Non featured traders such as Dilong/LowRisk do not have a hardstop placed by the Company.'

        Please take note of the last sentence.

        Some accounts may be sponsored but not featured. As a result, they will not have a 20% hardstop.


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          It has been over a week since we spotted wrong DD calculation on GoldenKiwi and no changes... It is still on the number 1... Dom Any progress about correcting the real DD? If someone invests and it goes in DD this won't look good... We already showed the DD is over 20%...

          Imagine if someone who doesn't read forum invests at 2x or 3x risk, based on description that only 10% is max DD and he looks at stats and sees it shows only 3% "real" DD and than it goes to 25% DD...


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            Originally posted by C7Traders View Post

   > This is our Company administrator account. This does not belong to Dilong nor any specific traders we work with.

            We do not have him as a featured trader on our website. However, this is because of his martingale style of trading and not because of his actions as you claimed. Given our broker's expertise, no individual is able to manipulate the data without manipulating the trade history. Therefore, in our honest opinion, we do not think that he is manipulating anything. It is a case of the platform's algorithm giving this problem.
            It would be unethical to give your own company a 5/5 star rating on myfxbook don't you think using your administrator account?

            C 7 Traders reviews and ratings , a forex trading broker rated and reviewed by forex traders.


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              regarding the incorrect drawdown statistics on this site, the formula has already stated the obvious, It is based on the Daily change and not on a minute by minute basis.

              In order to get correct drawdown once the simpletrader EA is connected is , you simple compare the Equity vs Balance and snap shot this every minute. Why hasn't this been done?

              In order to showcase true historical drawdown, as Dom mentioned ,you have to run every trade against real historical M1 data. Intense work to say the least.

              Regarding Myfxbook,

              We have seen countless manipulation from traders who stop updating their myfxbook account during drawdown to prevent myfxbook recording the intraday pain. Once the trades or basket is closed, they simply reconnect the myfxbook EA . That being said, if the account is not updating every 5 minute intervals, you can question the true intraday drawdown.

              mario - - myfxbook records the intraday equity via the yellow as you showed, but if the trader can close the trades or reduce the drawdown within that same day, the yellow line does not show the true peak, trough , however it will be recorded in the drawdown % . ( if the trader were to delete the myfxbook system then re add it, you wouldn't see the recorded intraday drawdown either.


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                Hi RedRhino

                Thank you for bringing to our attention that the administrator has left us a review using his account. However, please note that his actions are not instructed by our Company. We have since asked him to create a personal account to leave reviews should he wishes to. This should provide a more neutral perspective.