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Has anyone used Payza

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  • Has anyone used Payza

    I had an account with TradersWay and closed the account back in August. They had limited number of withdrawal options and the best (or at least I thought it was) option was to use Payza. Unfortunately they are holding my money ($700 USD) hostage. They have given me many reasons and hoops to jump through only to come to another one. At this point, in December, the balance with them is showing zero and they say they have sent my funds to my bank account but it is not in my account. They are extremely slow to respond to my emails (sometimes it takes weeks at a time) and they told me three weeks ago that I needed to send them proof that the funds haven't been deposited into my account, which I did but they are saying I need to provide it in one screen shot but the space they allow is too small to fit it all. Does anyone have any idea what, if any, recourse I have to pursing my money!?!



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    Hey Robin
    have you got that sorted? Got your money back?