JFD Brokers is an online multi-asset brokerage and portfolio manager company. It was
founded in December 2011. Its co-founder and current CEO is Lars Gottwik. JFD offers trading through its online platforms in Forex and CFDs (shares, indices, commodities, bonds and ETFS & ETNS).


The website of the broker has 7 language versions - English, German, French, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech and Italian.
The company has offices in Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and China.
There is a live chat function on the site available 24/5 (during trading days). You can also contact them via e-mail and by phone in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, UK, Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.


The broker is providing:There is a table with an extensive comparison of all three trading platforms.


The broker has only two types of accounts - live and demo.

The live accounts have negative balance protection.
Zero margin with hedged positions.
  • If your equity goes below 125% of your required margin, you will receive a margin call to deposit more funds into your account.
  • If your equity goes below 100% of your required margin, an automated stop out will be triggered (first closing the position with the largest floating loss).

JFD Brokers allows traders to directly access and trade with Forex, precious metals and CFDs on bonds, indices, stocks, commodities and ETF/ETN on the markets.
A wide range of instruments (800+) in 7 asset classes is available to all traders.
The maximum leverage available is 1:400. However the initial (set by default) leverage for Forex trading is 1:50. It can be raised upon client request and after passing a risk assessment.
The maximum leverage for CFD trading is 1:100 depending on the instrument.